BBQ+A Episode 1: Cold Approaching, Apps + Wholesaling

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OK, so it’s the middle of summer here in Australia and that generally means one thing: BBQs.

My buddy of 15 or so years and super successful entrepreneur in his own right, Josh Cairns, came over to my new place last week for a beer and a snag. And we thought it would be fun to pull out one of my Vados, hit record, and have a chat about a bunch of really cool stuff that Josh is superb at:

01:08 How NOT to put together a BBQ.

03:18 Why everyone wants an app, especially government agencies.

07:08 Why the traditional approach to cold calling does not work.

08:35 What’s the right approach to pitching apps as a developer (or broker).

09:23 A super sneaky hack to identify and pre-qualify prospects for apps (or local business marketing services).

11:03 Why selling advertising or branding opportunities is far more lucrative and effective than selling app development.

11:43 Quick Case Study: Goodyear Dunlop Tyres .

14:02 Dealing with ‘Non Disclosure Agreements’ and getting ripped off.

14:49 The critical first step in the execution of your idea (no matter what it is).

15:34 How to get streams of  clients who will be willing to work with you without AdWords, Facebook, or any advertising at all.

16:30 Quick Case Study: Life Saving Victoria.

19:40 How to get great ideas for apps that your clients will instantly love, support and want.

21:09 Proof preparation is more important than the pitch itself.

22.58 What your sole objective should be for that first phone call.

27:51 Why you do not want to know anything about programming apps.

29:22 Quick Case Study: Importing OptiShot.

32:08 How to transition a client from buying services to products.

34:02 How to get your pitch or products to stand out from the over-saturated crowd.

34:40 How I “pitched” New York Times author Neil Strauss.

35:39 The biggest takeaway Josh had from getting into the importing and retail world.

Links From The BBQ+A:

Josh’s app development company, Vortilla Digital.

Check out OptiShot Australia, the product Josh is importing.

If you want to see the pitch video I sent to Neil, shoot us an email.

The book Pitch Anything is definitely worth a read.

Also, check out the podcast I did with Oren for more on pitching.

Please hit me up on Twitter if you enjoyed this laid back conversation, as I’m thinking it could be a fun context for a few other videos with friends and colleges.


  • Pete Williams (@preneur)

    [New Video] BBQ+A Episode 1: Cold Approaching, Apps + Wholesaling

  • Mary Simon

    Really appreciated the casual chat on BBQ+A. It left me with…Why didn’t I think of that when it comes to “connecting” with prospects.

    Of course it is like applying for a job. You learn all you can about a business – BEFORE you call. I guess sometimes we just have to hear it to put the common sense into action in the right manner.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Pete Williams

      Thanks Mary!

      It’s really funny, some of the most obvious things are not easily seen.

      I’ve got some ideas for more of these types of videos.. and don’t forget to check out the preneurcast podcast (

  • Burt

    A visually boring video — this format is dull. I listened just to the audio really because staring at the two of you just sitting there is useless. Suggest you do this a podcast and dump the cute BBQ setting which adds zero value.

    • Pete Williams

      Fair point Burt.

      I think even though it’s a very basic format of video, it has been known to work extremely well online; think Tim Ferriss + The Random Show or Kevin Rose + Diggnation etc etc. Some people really do enjoy the visual aspect of watching a conversation (again, look at the ‘Meet The Press’ type TV programming)

      But I take your point, and we’ll look at adding an audio only download option on future episodes… it’s such an easy little ‘Profit Hack’ type thing we should be doing!

      Thanks for the feedback!


  • John davy

    Hi Pete

    Really good vid

    Woke up and watched this am

    Josh is a great talker. Very useful


    • Pete Williams

      Cheers JD.

      Take it from me, he is ALMOST as good a basketballer as a talker… but I’ve been beating him at both since high school!

  • tunukwa

    Hi Pete, thanks for the wonderfully informative video. I watched to the end. I would have liked the barbecue set up to have been a lot shorter and that the music just be used as an intro and outtro, I found it distracting once the conversation began.

    The info itself was awesome! Thank you for providing this for us and I look forward to the next video.

  • Bruce Chant

    Hi Pete, very timely topic for me! Appreciate it thanks.
    Ps – should profit hacked that BBQ set up though haha 🙂

  • @Setupwebsite

    BBQ+A Episode 1: Cold Approaching, Apps + Wholesaling // Some good insights

  • Eug Soh

    Hey Pete, thanks for putting up this top BBQ&A. Also huge kudos to Josh for sharing REAL meat and potatoes. Wishing you both abundant success personally and commercially.

  • Pete Williams (@preneur)

    Really appreciating all the emails (and comments) about Episode 1 of the new ‘BBQ+A Video Series’ with @Josh_Cairns

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