The Best Entrepreneurial Interview That Wasn’t ….

So it’s the morning of the 2013 Academy Awards… I’d left my wife and 3 week old son back in Australia, and here I am (a few hours away from partying with Heidi Klum at Elton Johns Oscars party) setting out a run in the Malibu Creek State Park.

It was a beautiful morning for a run with Rich Roll, and fellow Australian Osher Gunsberg. Rich and I had stuck up a bit of an internet friendship since he was on the podcast, and Osher I had just met that morning in the car park.

For those who don’t know, Osher, formally known as Andrew G, is one of Australia’s answers to Ryan Seacrest. (Actually, that morning in the car park, I referred to Dan McPherson, as Australia’s Ryan Seacrest. Dan another fellow Aussie and TV personality, bailed on the run that morning due to a few “niggles” he had – something else we had to explain to Rich.)

To his credit though, Osher, the superstar that he is, didn’t seem to sweat the oversight I made when leaving him out of the Seacrest comparison… and few weeks after the run, which surprisingly to me passed the old M*A*S*H film site, Osher and I kept in touch, and he kindly offered up some of his time to help me sharpen my interviewing skills via a Skype call for an upcoming project or two I have in the works.


Fast forward a few months, and Osher has launched his very own podcast, which you can subscribe to on iTunes here.

… and this is where this all comes together.

Yesterday Osher released his 10th episode – and the one I was looking forward to the least.

Hear me out here… See the show has nothing to do with business, yet the first few episodes all seemed to have some weird connection to me: Scoot Dooley and Brendan Jones both shared his stories on community radio, which bought back lots of memories of my late teens doing a few different shows on 97.9 Melton FM, the conversation with Andrew Reid took me back to all the summers doing surf patrol at the Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club, being a plant powered endurance athlete I resonated with Matt, I grew up watching Yumi and the then Andrew G on Channel V, and well I remember Annalise from my teenage days too.

But episode 10, this was set to be a conversation with a photographer Uge from Aquabumps, and it had me worried. Sure there was a loose connection with surfing, but photography – that’s not my thing.

Boy Was I Wrong!

As soon as I read the show notes, I thought there might just be something in this, and decided to take a listen on the way to the pool for training this morning:

My guest today is one of Australia’s most successful photographers, Uge (Eugene Tan) from Aquabumps. We talk about getting out of bed before dawn every day for fifteen years straight, making the leap from the corporate world to his own business before he even knew how to monetize his photography, his secret to mastery and creating the life you want to live, and how to survive a fifteen foot set wave at pipeline in less than 3 meters of water with $20,000 of camera equipment strapped to one arm.

…and then I get about 20mins into the conversation between Osher and Uge, and thought we gotta get this guy onto the PreneurCast Podcast.

What A Story!

But then I decided, if I spoke with Uge, it wouldn’t be the same… It would be more businessy, direct, data driven … and not as raw as the conversation he had with Osher.

And it’s the realness, that indirect approach to a business story that’s making me listen to it again tonight on the way home from the office.

Trust me, if you listen closely, everything you need to know about business, creating an audience, designing a lifestyle business, and succeeding is right here, in one of the best fly-on-the wall conversations between two great friends you’ll ever hear.

  • Nez

    I listen to Osher’s podcast as well. His chat with Uge was fantastic. I’m a big AquaBumps fan anyway and I knew enough about Uge to know I’d enjoy the episode. As far as creating your own industry goes, I don’t think there are many in Australia that could beat what Uge has done. A LOT of lessons in this episode.

    I also dig Osher’s style with the podcast too. Very relaxed and personal.

    • Pete Williams

      Awesome Nez… I’d never heard of Uge or Aquabumps, so I think that surprise element also helped with making it such a great story for me.

  • Alan Fawcett

    Fantastic, I love it when we learn lessons from places we least expect. The thing is, it is about being open to them. I have been going through the podcast library and doing a bit of a clear out, so it is great to get some new content to add back in. Osher’s podcast is now in the rotation. Thanks Pete.

    • Pete Williams

      I’m the same Alan. I’ve stopped listening to a lot of the business stuff I once did, and replaced it with shows like Osher’s … and decided to look for hidden lessons in those less direct conversations.

      With that said, everyone should still listen to PreneurCast 😉

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