“But My Business Is Different!”

I think I need to make this a non-commandment of the Preneur Community.

I hear it so often from many deluded would-be successful entrepreneurs, cutting themselves off at the knees with their own short-sighted self-sabotage, thinking this is a huge temptation but couldn’t be more wrong.

Not only are ALL, and I repeat and reinforce, ALL businesses fundamentally, mechanically the same when it comes to marketing, lead generation and sales.

It’s a ‘not-so-secret’ success trait practiced by the highest-earning entrepreneurs: to ‘Swipe + Deploy’, ‘Translate + Transfer’, ‘Mix, Match + Mold’ strategies, ideas and examples from outside their field into their business to gain competitive edge and create breakthroughs.

This is especially true of “online marketers” unwilling to even acknowledge that there is no such thing as an “online business,” their blinders limiting them to see that the internet is just another medium, that marketing and business principles are true no matter what the media — online, retail, e-comm, blue-collar tradie services, etc. (and it’s just as true for traditional industries’ inability to adapt or embrace ideas from the online world).

If you are incapable of, or bluntly, too darn lazy to examine information, case studies and campaigns from businesses markedly different than your own and deploy it to your business for self-gain, you, frankly, lack a vital key entrepreneurial skill.

As Dan Kennedy puts it:

Unfortunately, most business owners behave as if Amish: mentally staying in their own little box, suspicious of the outside world.

Do I really need to roll out the overused example of McDonald’s “ethically swiping” the drive-thru idea from the banking industry to reinforce the point? I sure hope not.

To this point, I encourage to take action today, open up your eyes, look around, and see if you can find one idea, one way a business (that’s not in your industry) is generating leads, converting those leads, or monetizing their products and services that you can put in your mental filing cabinet for use in your business be it now or in the future.

You should always be on the lookout, proactively building this swipe file of implementable ideas.

And to that, here’s a case in point, wheeled out for you on a silver platter so you have no excuse to move on it.

It’s a new report from the team behind the awesomely named app development company Secret HQ Games called App & Game Monetization Guide.

It’s a 50+ page report, covering 50+ ways to monetize an app…

…and it’s only $1.


I personally want to help you build this habit of looking in different industries and verticals. So if you invest $1 in this guide, add it to your swipe-and-deploy library, and if you can’t get one single lesson or idea that is transferable to your business or industry, I’ll give you a 500% ROI. Yep, I’ll PayPal you 5 times your investment… A whopping $5.

See, I know my metrics. If that sort of guarantee is what’s needed to get you thinking the right way about your business, building the right habits, and taking action today, it’s worth it. I’ll still be profitable, you’ll be profitable and thank me for it (and that’s a lesson for another time).

So here’s your call to action, or call to arms if you will.

Invest $1 in your business, in your swipe file, in the correct commandment, “My business is NOT fundamentally different.”

Yes, the app industry is essentially new, but the “business” of selling games, entertainment and generating buzz is centuries old. There ARE many lessons in this little gem of a book that is applicable to ALL businesses, industries and in particular, your marketing.

Check it out:



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