OutTasking vs OutSourcing [An Interview]

If you’ve read Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek, you’d be well aware of the “allure of outsourcing”… Sit back and relax why a team of India’s finest do everything for you…

Unfortunately for most people, when they first throw their hat into the outsourcing ring it doesn’t go according to Tim’s plan.

Outsource Method Pack

This is because they haven’t outSourced at all… They’ve outTasked.

It’s a big lesson that I finally learned after chatting to a friend of mine Marc Lindsay one day.

When it comes to outsourcing, I think Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay are the most experienced guys I know; and have a very systematic approach to the whole thing…

So what makes these boys an ‘authority’on the subject of Outsourcing?

* They’ve had over 100,000 unique pages of content (yes that’s 100,000 articles) written for their businesses;
* They’ve had written over 80 niche ebooks (and the salesletters, sites and everything that goes along with it);
* They’ve spent well over $100,000 (I think it’s more like 200-300k) in software development;
* They’ve had thei team complete more than 500 site designs across HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and a range of other CMS, LMS and E-Commerce Systems;
* They’ve built a 30+ person traffic team that work on their various sites.

So… last Friday I got Dan on Skype and grilled him about all things outsourcing… in particular, why most people are OutTasking when they think they are Outsourcing.

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Referenced in the Interview:

In the interview with Dan we make mention of an interview Dan did with the founder and CEO of Rent-A-Coder; one of the leading outsourcing portals on the web. You can grab a copy of that interview over at The Outsouring Method.

  • zorro

    Hi, nice post. Is there any ebook on this topic? Thanks a lot.

  • Pete Williams

    Hi Zorro,

    If you click through to the Dan’s interview with the Rent-A-Coder CEO and sign-up; there a few downloads available — and they will be releasing a ‘full program’ in a ew weeks.


    p.s. They have changed the video on their site to talk about a 50K Report; Don’t worry – when you sign-up you still get access to the Rent-A-Coder interview.

  • R. Perera

    Do you think the government will be putting restrictions on outsourcing/outtasking in the near future? I’ve heard of the possibility of punitive taxation or something along those lines…

  • tipi

    Its a great article.I totally agree with the fact that most people are actually confused between the 2 terms ‘OutTasking’ and ‘OutSourcing’.Thanks for bringing this topic out.

  • sidhu

    I am very glad to see this post…You have selected a nice topic on OutTasking vs OutSourcing . Can please provide links for OutTasking vs OutSourcing ebooks to download.Thanks for your post.I want ebooks to download this topic.please provide that…

  • nishant

    It is very helpful for people like me who are often confused between outsourcing and out tasking.I will definitely love to have more information on the same topic.

  • lee

    Excellent post with all features and i am very much glad to know about the outsourcing versus OutTasking topics here in elaborate manner. This would put an inner mind search of asking the purpose of topics . Thanks a lot .

  • pradhapraj

    Wonderful article describing how peoople are mistaking outsourcing and outtasking.Here after we will be careful in outsourcing.

  • Chirag

    Nice post on Outtasking vs Outsourcing. There are a lot of things outsourcing can mean to a lot of people in the world.

  • Angarato

    This is a very relevant post these days. The trick that i use when outsourcing work, is to really take the handover of the work as if it was one person of my own team. I’ll interview and test the outsourcer before i give him the tasks. And only assign when i’m REALLY sure that he has the skills to complete the task. If you have doubts just DON’T proceed. Then handover all the details to complete the task, and keep regular progress review on the task.

  • Lisa

    This was a really interesting conversation to listen to. I’m concerned about too much outsourcing hurting workers in the United States, but I was really interested to hear your take on the topic. Thanks for the info!

  • Mark J

    Great way to elaborate on outsourcing vs out-tasking.

  • Mateo

    this is some quality work, Pete. Keep it up. Your advice is something I haven’t considered before.

  • Luwesowen

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    I hope this can also bring another part of everyone’s success.

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