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The Lies They Tell You About “Hustle”…

The big temptation as a business owner is to keep “doing more”.

We hear about “Hustle” – you’ve gotta hustle to get ahead.

  • Your business isn’t growing? – Hustle more – until it grows.
  • A big paying client comes your way? – Hustle more – to take on the extra work.
  • You’re not advertising in every marketing channel? – You’re should be hustling more.

It’s all about the hustle.

Because no matter what the problem is, everything can be solved by hustling a little more.

It’s “The Cult of the Hustle”

Don’t get me wrong.

Hustling can be OK – and I’m not suggesting you develop an allergy to hard work.

But there’s smart hustling, and dumb cult-like hustling.

Fairy Godmother with a Briefcase?

One night, as you’re working late, a strange figure appears in a flash of light and says:

“Billy … I’m your business fairy godmother, here to magically
grant you one wish that will transform your business!”

What’s your one wish?

Most business owners would change the results their business achieves.

  • Progress is never fast enough…
  • Profits are never high (or consistent!) enough…
  • The benefits of being a business owner – for all the time, effort and money you invest – are never big enough.
  • And (for some frustrating reason) the “second-rate” competitor down-the-road… Every time you glance over at him, he’s making more sales than you are – and it drives you insane to see him getting ahead so easily!

You want to achieve more, do more, earn more, enjoy more time, contribute more, build a legacy.

But there are problems holding you back.

Most of these problems can be solved with money.

As the late-great master of marketing, Gary Halbert, once wrote:

7 Levers of Business (or How to Double Your Profits) [Free eBook Download]

I’m going to say, right up front, that this article involves some maths. If you’re numerically challenged, don’t panic. It’s basic maths, and I’m even going to give you a free tool that does all the number-crunching for you. The reason I’m telling you this now is because I don’t want you to skim down the article, see a bunch of numbers, and immediately hit the “back” button. Despite initial appearances, this isn’t going to be a complicated article to understand. But it is one of the most important articles you’ll ever read. And I really, really want you to

The 7 Levers: Increasing Your Prices

Just wanted to share a video version of a recent PreneurCast episode Dom and I did about ‘Increasing Your Prices’ Raising your prices by 10% is an important lever in the 7 Levers of Business – and in this episode we introduce the concept of “price elasticity” and talk about 6 factors that can help you when putting your prices up.  

Buyer’s Checklist Example

A few blogs ago, I wrote about creating checklists for your buyers and helping them make educated purchases. Check out the original blog here: Well, I was in Bunnings the other day and saw this!!! I wasn’t aware that: A) Bunnings’ marketing team subscribed to this blog’s feed B) A big company like that can implement techniques so quickly Either way, this is a perfect example of a buyer’s checklist. It helps the buyers of charcoal BBQs not forget anything, and helps increase the sales of add-on products for Bunnings. Great work, Bunnings!

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