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Branding Should Be A Byproduct…

On a few different occasions this year, I found myself in lively discussions about the validity of branding… Actually they have been more pistols-at-dawn debates on whether a small business owner should be pro-actively focused on growing their brand, or let their brand develop as a byproduct of their direct-marketing and organic business growth… It first came up during a Club Nesso session in June(ish), and then again recently in the Infiniti Telecommunications office during a marketing meeting (read: beers @ 6pm), when one of the new team members dropped the need to focus on Michael Porters 4 P’s and

The Power Of GREAT Copywriting […on eBay]

Ok, so by now you’ve probably heard about the father, who after finding his 15 year old son smoking pot in the family backyard, sold his Christmas present for $72 times it recommended retail value on eBay… But if not, here’s the 411 – In a four page manifesto on eBay, the Canadian father, tells how he spent two weeks searching for the rare video game for the Nintendo Wii gaming system before buying it for his son. But later, after coming home from work early, he caught his son smoking reefer in the backyard with his “delinquent friends,” he

Facebook Social Ads – An Overview.

This is the first in a short series of posts on Facebooks new advertising programs – Social Ads, Facbook Pages and Facebook Beacon.. So you may have heard about all the hype around Facebooks answer to Googles’ Adwords, I know Ed Dale, Dan Raine and the boys over at the Immediate Edge have been talking it up alot. Well I am here to tell you – The Hype Is Justified, and my predication on November 9 was right on the money, even if I do say so myself 😉 For niche marketers this is the biggest thing to happen on

Yellow Pages – Is it worth it?

PART 1: I was driving into the city last night to pick Fleur up from work (yeah, she had to work on a public holiday) and saw this sticker on the redute ahead of me.. Now it may be hard to see, but the big yellow sticker reads Find Us In The Yellow Pages It may just be me, but WHY THE HECK would you pro-actively encourage your competition to look in a medium filled with adverts from your competition? You wouldn’t send out a direct mail piece to your prospects and stuff the envelope full off flyer’s from theopposition, would you? You wouldn’t put

Pete Williams is an entrepreneur, author, and marketer from Melbourne, Australia.

Before being honored “Australia’s Richard Branson” in media publications all over the continent, Pete was just 21 years old when he sold Australia’s version of Yankee Stadium, The Melbourne Cricket Ground For Under $500! Don’t believe it? You will! Check out the story in the FAQ section (it really is our most asked question).

Since then, he’s done some cool stuff like write the international smash hit ‘How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality’ (+ the upcoming ‘It’s Not About the Product‘) and he’s created a bunch of companies including Infiniti Telecommunications, On Hold Advertising, Simply Headsets and Preneur Group.

Lots of other people think he’s pretty good too! He’s been announced as the Global Runner-Up in the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards for 2009, the Southern Region Finalist in the Ernst & Young 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year, and a member of SmartCompany’s Top 30 Under 30.

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