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How I Sold $58,000 Last Year Selling Just Gift Cards for the Day Spa

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Robert Norberciak, Marketing Director at the Scottsdale, Arizona day spa, Mozaik Skin & Body, and one of the founders at Service Business Hustlers

People love shopping local. Even more so, people love buying gifts that are local. They want to treat their friends to amazing experiences at local businesses.

With my day spa, I don’t sell anything online except for gift cards. I don’t try to compete with e-commerce stores. I simply focus on the one thing that no one else does in my market well. I focus on making it easy for my customers to buy gift cards.

I had the joy on Mother’s Day to watch a family go into my competitor. They asked if they sold gift cards. The lady was like “No”.

They came over to my spa and walked out with $300 in gift cards that they bought for their mother. Guess who got the new customer?

Each year, I sell close to ~$23,000 of gift cards just online. We sell another $25-35k in-store. 

I’m going to break down for you my exact strategy on how I am selling so many gift cards through my website and in-store. 

How We’ve Used Crowdsourcing to Split Test (And Why You Should Too)

crowdIf you’ve been following us for awhile, you’ve no doubt heard us mention split testing a couple of times. We love having the ability to be pragmatic in our efforts, trying multiple approaches to achieve the best result. And we use split testing in various aspects of what we do, from trying different pieces of copy to generate website traffic in different regions, to trying out different email messages with subsets of the same audience segment. There’s a time for split testing nearly everything in marketing, but one of the most interesting and effective use we’ve found for split testing comes through crowdsourcing, which was a recent topic of discussion in a Preneur Podcast featuring Alec Lynch, co-founder of DesignCrowd.

Over the years, we’ve leveraged crowdsourcing in a few ways. We’ve used extensively to help us find designs for product packaging elements and Web properties that we’ve launched over the years.

5 Website Alarms to Check When Daylight Savings Comes [Traffic, Opt-Ins, & Conversions]

On 5 October, much of Australia (and New Zealand) enters daylight savings time, and a global campaign urges you to check the batteries in your smoke alarms as you change out the backup batteries in your clocks, in conjunction with time’s leap forward. Even if you’re not in one of the regions that does adopt daylight savings, officially, the campaign still urges you to take action around this time of year – and so do we!

Household safety should, of course, be your chief concern. But we’re going to add a few tasks to your to-do list each time you set your clocks forward an hour. So refresh the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, then move on to our list, presented here.

Daylight savings time is also the ideal time to take care of some of the often overlooked aspects of your online business.We thought we’d help you take things one step further and start our own little campaign around checking your website alarms.

Here are five ways you can use daylight savings time to your advantage, by using it as a time to give your website an annual checkup. Here’s your checklist with Action Items noted for each step.

3 Ways To Double Your Website Conversion Rates – With Tips Every Marketer Must Know

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Toby Jenkins of Web Marketing That Works. One of Pete’s 7 levers of Business is Opt-ins. Typically, an opt-in rate of 2-3% on all of your website traffic is considered a good result. In this post, I want to focus on how, at Bluewire Media,  we have been able to use landing pages that help us consistently an opt-in rate of 6-7%. The proof is in the pudding,, as you know. So here is the data comparing the last 90 days vs the previous 90 days: Even though  traffic has dropped fractionally,  opt-ins

Interspire Email Marketer Extension 1.01

As we shared in our 13,000+ word epic series, Email Marketing: Self-Hosted vs Traditional Cloud-Hosted Options, after a lot of research into self-hosted email marketing autoresponder software, we decided to move our entire business across to Interspire Email Marketer (IEM)  from Big Commerce.

Even with all its advanced marketing functionality, there were a few key ‘Preneur-style marketing’ features missing from IEM.

So we set out to rectify that problem, and have a developer from our extended team create what we’re referring to as an “Extension to Interspire Email Marketer” to ensure we had all the functionality we wanted.

It was a brilliant result for us, and we thought we’d share the love, offset our investment, and make our custom code available at a very reasonable price point, so others who choose Interspire’s Email Marketer as their autoresponder can benefit.


Guest Posting on PreneurMarketing

You always remember your first time!

I remember mine like it was yesterday. I was 8 years old and couldn’t have been more excited.

If the thrill of being asked wasn’t enough… the anticipation almost made me burst!

As I wrote about in my first book, How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality, I had an extremely tiny newsletter at the time (with a readership of about 3), but when I was given the opportunity to write for a national publication — this was what all that 2nd grade spelling homework was for!

Leveraging off someone else’s hard work of building an audience and being able to reach their readers quickly and easily — that’s the ticket:


That one experience of writing for a publication much bigger than mine planted a very lucrative seed.

While many online marketers build their own blog, painstakingly write content and just pray for an audience to come by… smart marketers, Preneur-style marketers, START by hacking all this, and reach out to others who already have the platform, focus on writing amazingly good content, and quickly build a name for themselves by standing on the shoulders of giants.

I’m not overly surprised that most people don’t do it early on, though. They’re not really taught it (it’s a strategy that makes for a very small course and shitty sales letter!)

Yet, rather than waiting for Google to love you, by doing this you get exposure to an already existing audience of readers (on blogs that have spent the time and money to get popular), get good-quality SEO back links and, if done right, get these readers to visit your own blog and join your email subscription lists.

When done right, it’s by far the best strategy I know to build an audience, subscriber list, and business online.

… And that’s why I want to open up that opportunity to you, our community members, here at

LeadPages Webinar Replay + My PDF Notes

So I took a whole bunch of handwritten notes during the webinar we ran at the end of last week with guest presenter Clay Collins of LeadPages. They might not be as brilliant as previous notes I’ve sent out, but I was answering the 104+ questions we had in the chat box during the presentation at the same time. Insanity! Here are my notes in a 3-page PDF. (Hope you can read my handwriting.) “Seeing how all your landing pages can work together as a sales machine was illuminating! Everyone should see this!” — Marcos D. “This is definitely the

ProfitHacks Launch: The Best Bits…

Hey Gang… Well, what a crazy few weeks! Big thanks to everyone who played along at home during the recent public launch of ‘ProfitHacks’ – I really appreciate everyones feedback to the videos, participation in the insane livestreams, the standing ovation from those who were at the ‘Experts Industry Association’ conference where I spoke, and especailly to all the launch partners for supporting and promoting the program to thier communities. [It was extremely humbling that some of the smartest people I’ve learned from over the years, felt that my program was worthy of thier endorsement – Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy


Imagine one day you logged onto your computer only to find your business had disappeared from the Internet. No sales, no clicks, no visitors, no nothing. Your presence online had virtually been deleted. Because your chief marketing strategy had suddenly and inexplicably been outlawed. Suddenly you had no way to reach your market, no way to attract prospects, no way to basically earn a living. OK, while that scenario may sound a bit apocalyptic, the end result danger can be very real.  Especially if you fall into the trap that far too many entrepreneurs do. The trap of trying to

Pete Williams is an entrepreneur, author, and marketer from Melbourne, Australia.

Before being honored “Australia’s Richard Branson” in media publications all over the continent, Pete was just 21 years old when he sold Australia’s version of Yankee Stadium, The Melbourne Cricket Ground For Under $500! Don’t believe it? You will! Check out the story in the FAQ section (it really is our most asked question).

Since then, he’s done some cool stuff like write the international smash hit ‘How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality’ (+ the upcoming ‘It’s Not About the Product‘) and he’s created a bunch of companies including Infiniti Telecommunications, On Hold Advertising, Simply Headsets and Preneur Group.

Lots of other people think he’s pretty good too! He’s been announced as the Global Runner-Up in the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards for 2009, the Southern Region Finalist in the Ernst & Young 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year, and a member of SmartCompany’s Top 30 Under 30.

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