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Internet Marketing = Cult?

In the foreword to a new book, Mark Joyner points out that the internet marketing crowd may, on the surface, share some common features with a cult: A unique language understood only by those in the cult, guru figures of whom many blindly follow, and bizarre rites and rituals. – Unique language: squeeze pages, optin rate, conversion rate, PPC, CPM, CPA – Guru figures: do I even need to go there? – Bizarre rites and rituals: launching new websites at the drop of a hat, constantly searching for better tools (which spring up every day), working at all hours of the

Internet Killed The Video Star

OK, so that statement couldn’t be further from the truth – In fact, it’s the complete opposite… The internet is making video stars. No matter what level of marketing you are doing on the internet, you really want to make sure that video is a major part of your mix. Take the current ‘launch’ that John Reese is doing for his Traffic Secrets 2.0 course – It’s entirely in video. …And in classic Reese fashion, he goes and ups the ante by making this one of the coolest free videos ever released. In fact he’s just release the third video

John Reese is at it again…

Hi There Website Owner… Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know the sequel to ‘The Biggest Launch in Internet Marketing History’ has just started. Check it out: For those of you don’t know, in August 2004 John Reese was the first person on the internet to make over $1 million in a single day with a product launch. The course was called Traffic Secrets, and was a comprehensive course that covered everything involved in getting traffic to your website – the title kinda gave that away right 🙂 Well today he is launching TRAFFIC SECRETS 2.0

Leaked Video From The Immediate Edge

Hi Party People… Just wanted to share with you this leaked video from inside the Immediate Edge. If you’ve seen my ‘Inside The Immediate Edge’ video and still not sure if it’s for you… here is a video from one of the projects the boys are working on inside the edge.

YouTube Video Annotations – An Overview For Marketers

I’ve just recorded a short video on the new YouTube Annotations feature… Now, the thing I didn’t test before putting it all together is if it would work when you embed the video on a blog etc… Well the result is a big fat NO. I tried to embed the video here for you to watch, but the annotations didn’t appear… which sucks more then Amy Wino-house. Anyway, check out the video directly on YouTube here –

A Look Inside The Immediate Edge

Hi All… As I say in the video – After a lot of begging, pleading, blackmailing… oh yeah, and name calling, Dan and Ed have allowed me to put together this short “exclusive look inside the edge” If you have been debating whether you should join the Edge, this behind-the-scene look will hopefully show you why you must be a member. Download Hi-Def m4v Version Here (Right Click and download it)

The Why, What, How Structure Of Information Marketing

If you’ve been around the info-marketing game for awhile now, you’d have a good grasp of the sales funnel model… and how you need to structure your products range in a way then ensure your offerings fit along the sales funnel so people opt-into your funnel with a FREE report, e-book or seminar and then move through the funnel by purchasing ever increasing priced products and services. BUT, if your upsell conversions are not where you want them to be, how do you structure your sales pipe to ensure your customers NEED your next offering and continue along the slippery

The Best Firefox Add-Ons For Internet Marketers [Video]

Firefox is regarded as the best Web browser in terms of extensions – i.e. small browser add-ons which modify or add to existing functionality. It has hundreds of add-ons, which can be downloaded from here… But out of all of these, which is the best for us Internet Marketers… watch the video to find out. Download Hi-Def m4v Version Here (Right Click and download it) Here’s the list… Google Global – Google Global is an unobtrusive Firefox extension that allows you to see what the Google search results that you are viewing look like from different geographical locations. ScribeFire –

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