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Core vs Mechanics Productivity Tracker

The Core vs Mechanics Tracker is a “gamified” daily planning sheet designed to keep you on track during your Core Focus Time [CFT] Sessions.

Each and every day you give yourself points based on the type of tasks and actions completed during your CFT’s, and the tracker helps you measure your progress – and build the momentum every entrepreneur needs.


Digital Power Tools (Embracing Geekdom)

A few months back, I did a podcast with Dom Goucher where we talked about some of the “ninja” tools and tips that we use to make our workdays easier and more productive. It’s about 50 minutes long, so I thought I’d condense the main tips into an article. Yes, some of it is a little on the geeky side, but I’m reliably informed that geeky is the new sexy. That might be a misquote. Anyway, let’s get into it. Swapping Applications I’m starting with an obvious one, but there will be some people who haven’t come across this shortcut

Missed the Profit Hacks Livestream? Here’s the Highlights…

Hey Gang… I just wanted to get this out before Hurricane Isaac hits the Florida coast. If you missed the 6-hour live video broadcast I did with Rich Schefren on productivity, my workflow hacks and leveraged content creation, they’ve posted a highlights video over at: The unsolicited comments from the Livestream were amazing: We covered a lot of ground over the original 6 hours, but the team have cut out all the crappy bits, the small technical glitches, plus the rants and tangents to just the highlights. If you’re interested, check out it out here: From rainy Florida, Pete

Show, Don’t Tell: The Importance of Demonstration

Talk about productivity on steroids. Earlier today, I hosted an incredible livestream with the “Guru to the Gurus,” internationally known business coach, Rich Schefren in South Florida. Right in the middle of this livestream, I recorded a quick podcast for the Preneur Community. (That’s a quick profit hack of mine – taking a livestream or interview and turning it into a podcast. And right now, we’re turning that podcast into videos, and even articles like this one. …Like I said, productivity on steroids.) And during this podcast, Rich and I revealed something that I want to share with you here…

A Real Mastermind: How to Make Your Meetings Productive

Word around the camp fire is… Masterminds have developed a poor reputation. For most people they bring to mind images of slightly drunken business owners, patting each on the back, talking big, but accomplishing little. Which is a shame. Because I’ve found that masterminds have the potential to propel your business development forward at a remarkable rate. The main reason why so many of them degenerate into a bubbling cesspit of hot air and alcohol fumes is a lack of organisation. As we discussed in a previous article, creativity needs structure to be productive, and this applies equally to mastermind

Creativity Through Routine: The Science of Momentum

While planning for a recent working vacation (all vacations are working vacations, right?), I had to make a decision between taking my laptop, or my iPad plus a wireless keyboard. Knowing my weakness for cutting-edge technology… You’ll probably be surprised to discover that I opted for the laptop. I made the decision, not because I couldn’t get work done on an iPad, but because I simply wouldn’t be as efficient. I’d be messing around trying to figure out how to do stuff that I take for granted on my laptop. While poolside in Bali, I‘d be limiting myself to two

Managing Your Inbox: My Email Rules of Engagement

I’ve held back writing on this subject because I didn’t want to just add another blog post to the millions that already talk about productivity and time management But I’m going to go ahead anyway because, frankly, there is too much advice out there that is either bad, or just pointless, abstract ideas. I’m probably partly to blame because I encourage people to position themselves as a market leader by writing articles and blog posts, and adding their voice to the online conversations that are taking place. (Apologies there!) The trouble is… Too many people are writing, without really saying

Running Multiple OmniFocus Databases [NerdWorthy]

Hey Gang. Like many of you Mac users out there, I’m a huge huge believer in the all-mighty OmniFocus; but I live a somewhat double-life and needed an OmniFocus solution to match…. So I sent off a question to the team over at Omni Group to see  if there was a way to run two OmniFocus databases at once; so I could split me crime-fighting to-do’s and the GTD actions of my alter-ego… So I could open up each separate OmniFocus ‘version’ in isolation. … and alas there was a solution: Thanks for writing in! While you can run multiple

Outsourcing Made Easy

Hey Gang, Are you the bottleneck in your business? Marketing online (or off) is a “team sport” nowadays. But finding a team, and managing them, can be difficult. (A lot of people I know who are outsourcing are getting frustrated while their outsourcers miss deadlines and fail to get the quality of work done that’s truly needed.) That’s why the guys over at Noble Samurai asked Davey J and I to put together a brand-new Video Series that reveals the RIGHT WAY to do Outsourcing. They’ve just released the 2nd video which you can check out over at: In

Pete Williams is an entrepreneur, author, and marketer from Melbourne, Australia.

Before being honored “Australia’s Richard Branson” in media publications all over the continent, Pete was just 21 years old when he sold Australia’s version of Yankee Stadium, The Melbourne Cricket Ground For Under $500! Don’t believe it? You will! Check out the story in the FAQ section (it really is our most asked question).

Since then, he’s done some cool stuff like write the international smash hit ‘How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality’ (+ the upcoming ‘It’s Not About the Product‘) and he’s created a bunch of companies including Infiniti Telecommunications, On Hold Advertising, Simply Headsets and Preneur Group.

Lots of other people think he’s pretty good too! He’s been announced as the Global Runner-Up in the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards for 2009, the Southern Region Finalist in the Ernst & Young 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year, and a member of SmartCompany’s Top 30 Under 30.

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