Advertising Ideas That Really Work! [AdPack]

Have you ever been frustrated at the amount of money you spend on advertising that just doesn’t work?

Are you stuck for ideas on how to promote your business?

With all these questions, does this post sound like an infomercial ?

Either way, Adpack is an amazingly simple solution, developed by an Aussie to help small business owners advertise and promote their business. It’s and awesome brainstorming tool that I’ve been using for a few years to generate up to 125,000 ways to successfully promote and market a business fast.

As the video points out, Adpack is a system of strategy cards that helps you create many successful and exciting advertising campaigns. The cards contain proven techniques including pros, cons and suggestions that are current and relevant in today’s economy – techniques that many small, local and national businesses use successfully every day.

How does Adpack work?
Adpack is made up of 150 ‘trigger’ cards. Each of these cards combine to help you create your own incredible marketing and advertising ideas for your business. Ideas most people wouldn’t even consider. Ideas that are used successfully by large and small businesses right across the world - including mine.

There is no other product on the market that helps you develop fast, cost effective advertising and marketing solutions like Adpack.

Do I need to be familiar with marketing and advertising concepts to use Adpack?

Not at all…. Anyone can use Adpack regardless of previous advertising experience. That’s the beauty of Adpack.

What media will Adpack work for?

Adpack incorporates strategies for ALL major media including radio, TV, newspaper billboards and the Internet – but Adpack does so much more. Adpack helps you develop strategy that incorporates many not-so-obvious areas, such as joint marketing, loyalty programs, seminars, trade exchanges and so on.

Do I need to spend any more money on Adpack after I have bought the package?

No – There is no forced continuity or anything… Adpack is fully self contained and has all the material you need to develop your own successful advertising campaigns.

Can I afford it?

AdPack costs less than a 1 or 2 hour coaching session with me, and less than the cost of a ‘one-of’ ad in the paper – but with enormous returns.

It only takes ONE idea to recoup your investment. Adpack gives you 125,000. And it’s totally RISK FREE. If you don’t agree within 30 days, just send it back for a full refund.

Who should buy Adpack?

Adpack is ideal for any business that spends money on advertising: business owners, marketing professionals, business coaches, accountants, trainers, teachers and students.

How do I buy Adpack?

Adpack can be purchased online at their website.

(Yes, this is an affiliate link, but I only make like $40 per sale, so I ain’t recommending this for the pesos. If you don’t want to shout me a drink, you can visit their site at

  • Pooja

    This is extremely interesting. However, a feel as though if the people at Adpack cannot market their own invention cleverly, then I cannot trsut them to give me tips on marketing my own. I’ve never heard of adpack before today. LOL

  • James

    Thanks for this post. This seems to be a very useful aid in coming up with fresh advertising content and ideas. Looks like it may be worth a good look.

    @ Pooja
    Maybe since this is more targeted towards small business’ it isn’t out there in the mainstream so much. Not for sure but just a thought.

  • Laura

    I have never heard of Adpack before. This information is great for people looking for ways to advertise their business. There is no mention of the cost which a person would have to incur to get Adpack. I would have preferred to have some idea here.

  • prem

    Very great information and after watching the video I understood how to successful in advertising. Thats really great post you made.

  • realangel

    First of all, I’ll like to say that this isn’t the first time that I’ve heard of Adpack. I’d seen the above video a few weeks back on youtube, though I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon that video (maybe via StumbleUpon!!!). But one thing I can surely say is that it (Adpack) sounds promising to me as it seems to have the potential to help someone who is running out of ideas on how to effectively promote/advertise his/her product.

    BTW, good post.

  • venkat

    This Adpack seems very interesting and very informative. This would be very useful for persons looking to advertise his product. I have heard about this Adpack but dont remember excatly where. What ever it may be i really enjoyed reading this article.

  • Silas Crowe

    AdPack Seems Like It Really Wants To Help But Is Also In For The Money (No Cost) But I Guess They Gotta Get Paid Also. It’s A Def Win-Win Relationship If It Works! I Think This Would Be A Good Calculated Risk For AnyBody Looking To Advertise.

  • Becki

    This seems like a really interesting idea. It would be an easy tool for small business owners to help with advertising.

  • Anupam Thakur

    I have never heard about Adpack but looks interesting. Need to do more research on this tool.

  • bob

    Very cool article. sounds easy.

  • anna maria

    This Adpack is very interesting.Is a great idea.thanks so much .hugs :*

  • mohit

    adpack seem to be panacea for the advertisments. its really good. it sounds interesting and promising. adpack rocks..

  • AKS

    Thanks for this post. This Adpack seems very interesting and informative. It is very useful for advertising company to promote his product or website. Add some more extra thing related to this post (like price etc.).

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