The Websites That Distracted Me This Week [July 19]

Link Love
So I have decided to take a leaf out of Andy Beal’s book (Note: This is a metaphorical book, not one you can touch and feel, so don’t go wasting your time scowering Amazon – It ain’t there) and start a sporadic series of posts that cover links to random websites that have occupied my time this week.

Not all sites in the posts will be focused on business building, internet marketing or nike shoes – but the majority will… And if I do throw in an out-of-place URL, it will only be ’cause it was really super awesome.

Now I know I am going to be “pissing in my own pot” with my next statement… but it’s important for your success.

Before you go off and visit any of these sites ask yourself this question: “Is visiting this site going to get me closer to my goal? “

Because if you are anything like me the answer may very well be a big fat NO, and your time is better spent taking action on an outstanding project.

This thinking really came back to me whilst reading (actually listening to the audiobook) ‘Getting Things Done’ where the underlying premise is ‘What’s the next physical ACTION you can take to help you reach the goal of any project”

Stay tunned because I will be posting a full grade-school style book review on GTD in a few days…

Anyway, I am guessing that if you are still reading you want to see what links I have in store for you today… Well here goes:

The Gruen Transfer

The Evolution of Websites: How 10 Popular Websites Have (And Have Not) Changed

If you are a web designer this is a cool site to get an idea of how some of the biggest sites on the web have changed over time.

The State Of The Web in Summer 2008
Not sure what to say here – Just check it out… It’s good for a 4 second giggle.

Add Bubbles to any video and post it anywhere you wish! It’s kinda like YouTube Annotation but way way better… You can easily add bubble (and links I belive) to any video and then post that video on your blog or sales letter – It’s the ability to post the annotated video on your own site that’s killer.

SlideShare Contest
SlideShare is a web 2.0 slide presentation sharing platfrom – and they are running their annual Contest.

Enter your presentation into the contest, as there are some cool prizes up for grabs… Your entry could be about anything – to teach 5th graders history, tell em why your city is great or convince us to buy hybrid cars. Evangelize Linux or share a recipe for that perfect apple pie!

CopyDoodlesâ„¢ Testimonial Generator
If you have a salesletter online, this is a great tool that allows you to generate images of handwritten testimonials on a note paper. You know the type you see on virtually every online sales letter.. Well you can now have them too.

Inserting Video into Ebay Listings
Vzaar looks like a cool site/tool/platform for inserting videos in eBay listings – Now I haven’t tested this myself but will be playing with it on my MCG Carpet listings in the coming weeks.

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