Pete’s Personal V.D. Report

A.K.A. The Lazy Entrepreneur’s Guide to Highly Converting Websites

It probably comes as a shock to a lot of you who listen to our marketing + productivity podcast, or who came to be part of the Preneur Community through the Profit Hacks program, that I actually enjoy putting pen to paper.

… and  I mean that in the literal sense. Yeah, it might not be as hyper-productive as the content leverage system stuff — but there is a joy and wonderment that comes with physically writing.

Anyway,  recently after finishing a session with one of my consulting clients, where we spent the time  looking through their website, I got the urge to put pen to paper, to cover the stuff we discussed in that session. And what resulted is this V.D. Report you see below.

See, like most of you reading this right now, I bet you’re just like D+R and get a vast majority of your business through your website… and if not, I’d almost guarantee that the web (read: Google) is where your prospects are going when they first start to look for the products and services you offer!

And like many business owners who are too focused on their “product” and not their marketing, their website wasn’t really giving them the ROI they expected, needed or deserved.

It was there, online, but wasn’t:

  1. Getting any traffic
  2. Converting that traffic (they want the phone to ring, or client to complete a ‘quote request’)

Now this post and Venn Diagram Report below is not going to spend much, in fact, any time discussing ‘the getting of traffic.’ There are plenty of other (and probably better) resources for learning how to get traffic.

The VD Report is all about Developing a Website That Converts.

 Download PDF eBook Here – 30mb

Can’t Read the Handwriting ? No Sweat:
Read The Typed Up Version Now.


  • Liam Veitch

    The handwritten style is a really interesting concept… tips aren’t too bad either 😉

    • Pete Williams

      Thanks Liam… Yeah I thought I would share it in handwritten form… Something a little different.

  • Michael Ippersiel

    Watch out! Pete’s going “analog” on us!

    • Pete Williams

      Just mixing it up a little Michael.

  • Mark F

    Just as well you have pretty good handwriting, Pete! Helpful tips – Thx

    • Pete Williams

      I’m a child of the Bill Gates era Mark – normally a terrible speller with shocking handwriting.

  • Shane Schimpf

    Pete, Thanks for the guide. Although your info is fairly basic, it’s a good reminder of how we can get off task when building a website to suit a customers needs rather than building a site based on their customers needs. And everyone wants fb icons or a fan box on their site.. Rather than distracting them with pics of people they might know, I like the way you added social media icons as tabs above your Author Profile. Nice touch. I’ve bought a couple themes to date from you..So, I’m Curious Pete, is this theme one of your own?

    • Pete Williams

      Cheers Shane.

      Yeah, everytime we go to work on a new site design (like we’re doing with right now – should be up early Oct) we go back to the basics, create a checklist of ‘must haves’ (like phone numbers, CTA’s etc etc) and build from there.

      Basics = Strong Foundations

      The design is a custom one our team put together… I might do a post soon on the process we went through putting it together.

      … and yeah, the original design have the social stuff at the top of the page, but we moved it so people could engage with us AFTER they consumed the content – as described in the report.

  • Hugh Culver

    Pete, nice work. Couple of things I like here: you used a real example instead of making this purely a lecture. I think handwritten is totally cool (probably that’s the max # pages I can handle, but cool all the same). You are hitting on points we are still missing. I’m ready for VD 2.0!

    • Pete Williams

      Cheers Hugh.

      I totally agree on the number of pages.. anymore, and the hand would have fallen off writing it!

      2.0 is coming but won’t be handwritten.

  • Peter Hanley

    Love the hand written concept, you had me all the way and some great points.

    • Pete Williams

      Awesome Peter … thanks for the feedback.

      It’s not a blueprint for a spaceship, but it’s surprising how often we all forget some of the basics.

  • Jacki K

    Hi Pete and team,

    GREAT REPORT! Thank you- did the speed read just now, but will be reviewing in more detail later this evening…

    This email is to let you know that there is a typo in the link to your consulting page, so it goes to your “Can’t Find It’ page.

    Thanks as always for the great info- and handwritten is a cool way to share it!

    Enjoy your weekend,


    • Pete Williams

      Cheers Jacki.

      We debated internally about making it a typed + designed report, similar to the but decided to do it this way, as it’s something a little different.

      Also, appreciate you pointing out the broken link – the teams onto it, and fixed it straight up.

  • John G

    Right on Pete. Thanks for educating people. I presume this was a local client?

    • Pete Williams

      Sure was John… In a very very cool technology niche, servicing clients Australia wide.

  • Gareth E.

    Best subject line of the week.

    • Pete Williams

      Thanks Gareth…

      I was hoping it would get a “positive” result.

      (oh the bad puns just keep on coming)

  • Hannah R

    Pete, the Google keyword tool you refer to in this report has been replaced by the new Google adwood planner – not many people seem to be liking it either if you read the comments and reviews! I was looking forward to getting started with it but it looks as though some of the more useful features for a newbie like myself seem to have been removed. You also have to sign up for an Adwords account in order to be able to access the planner. Is this just another case of Google moving the goal posts? I always seem to be about 2 steps behind and forever trying to catch up.

  • Kendrick Gaston

    Great information Pete. However do you think the techniques will help generate traffic to a new blog I started?

  • mairagaye

    Excellent piece – For my two cents , others need a CA SI-350 , my husband found a sample document here

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