What Really Happens When the Gurus Get Together…

Ever wonder what actually goes on when the leading internet marketers catch up, plan the evil schemes and get upto shenanigans ?

Well a few years ago, everyone got together to try and beat the ‘Google Slap’ – This is an very exact, accurate and unequivocal rendering of the conversations that where occurring during that meeting.

Guru Mastermind - Frank Kern, Ed Dale, Mike Filsame, John Reese
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Actually, I just came across this cartoon on my backup drive – I had it created a few years ago for a launch that never eventuated… Anyway, I thought I would dust it off and throw it up here.

For those that can’t work it out; the characters here are: (left to right)
John Carlton, Brad Fallon, John Reese, Andy Jenkins (looking kinda pregnant – sorry about that mate – not sure why you’re not talking about your Emmy), Ed Dale, Frank Kern (apparently no one wants to see his face ?!?), Jason MoFo, Dan Raine (and his little pick thong), Mike Filsame, Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker, Armond Morin, Yaro Starak , Yanik Silver (was doing some part-time stand-up at the time), Guy Kawasaki, Alex Mandossian, Scott Ginsberg, Seth Godin and Perry Marshall.

  • http://www.karenkramer.net KarenKramer

    Now that’s funny… Great job at getting the personalities spot on… hee hee hee

  • http://insideroutline.net http://insideroutline.net

    Frank is great and I have read alot about him. His ideas are amazing!

  • http://www.stevenaitchison.co.uk/blog Steven Aitchison

    Loved this picture, it should be produced as a painting and mass marketed 🙂

  • Pete Williams

    Steven –

    If I can track down the original artist and get the PSD file I will throw it up on LULU or something so you can get a huge canvas version 😉

    Stay tuned…


  • http://www.PerformanceController.com Gordon Wood

    Just cane across tyour sure from a Yaro tweet. That sure is a great picture. Love it. I cant see you but I guess you are drawing. And as for Yaro looks like needs are hair cut but what wlse is new.at least ge has sone !!!

  • Pete Williams

    Gordon –

    I didn’t include myself in the image…

    The way I was going to use it in the “launch” was to position myself “away” from the rest of the guys – by saying they only ‘know’ their ‘one tactic’ etc etc etc

  • http://cluttermuseum.blogspot.com Leslie M-B

    Where are the women? Looks like a typical all white, male Old Boys’ Club. Very welcoming.

  • Pete Williams

    So very true Leslie.

    That’s one of the things we’re proud of over at ‘The Thirty Day Challenge’ – http://www.ThirtDayChallenge.com

    It’s about the only internet marketing thing/program/event that is evenly weighted between women and men.

  • http://cluttermuseum.blogspot.com Leslie M-B


    For that I am grateful. I very much enjoy the Thirty Day Challenge. I wonder, though–are women being mentored by the “gurus”? All the stories that get told around launch time are narratives of men sitting at the knee of the first generation of online marketers and copywriters, about apprenticing themselves to “the best.” Either women aren’t being invited to such opportunities and/or they have familial responsibilities that keep them from, say, moving in with Gary Halbert for a couple of months like Ed Dale did. 🙂

  • http://guruorgarbage.com guruorgarbage.com

    Maybe it’s a little simpler than that. Women aren’t so gullible as to part with their hard earned cash for a pile of badly written junk that is usually impossible to follow, out of date or just plain and simple doesn’t work.

    As a rule I’ve found very few rich women brag about how clever they are and hawk their services around offering to teach people how to be just like them for ridiculous amounts of money.

    What I’ve never understood is if these guys are so loaded why would they sell their secrets? They don’t, they sell enough information for something to ‘nearly’ work, enough to make sure the suckers by the next even better course.

    Pheww, rant over, thanks everyone, feel alot better now!

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