Free Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Document [NDA]

As promised on my Twitter feed a few weeks back, I had a Confidentiality NDA Agreement put together for some projects I have in the works… and had a version created that I can make available to anyone who wants it.

For those of us who outsource a tonne of work to developers, content creators, virtual assistants or designers, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) [Confidentiality Agreement, Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA), Secrecy Agreement] is an essential contract between you and the providers, that protects your intellectual property.

Put simply, a non-disclosure agreement protects you by ensuring the other party (provider) will not disclose any of the information about your idea or project, except under terms as described in the contract, and will not market the idea or compete with you.

Even with an non-disclosure agreement, still only talk about your idea with people whose integrity you can trust. Even with a person you trust, it’s best to always sign a non-disclosure agreement before discussing your idea or project; and always draft agreements like you hate the other person. With that mindset, you will be sure to cover every little detail.

Now I am not a lawyer, and I certainly don’t pretend to play one here on the Internet. So do not think for a moment that this free NDA example is something that’s 100% bullet proof.  Please be smart – and if you are wanting an NDA for a top secret deal you are doing with NASA, go find your own lawyer and have them draft something official.

This ‘NDA Blueprint’ covers quite a few things, including;

  • Definition of Confidential Information Clauses
  • Ownership of Confidential Information Clauses
  • Use of Information and Disclosure Clauses
  • Ownership Rights to Work Product Clauses
  • Non-Competition Clauses
  • Acknowledgments And Disclaimers. Clauses
  • No Publicity Clauses
  • Severability Clauses

 Download Editable Word Doc Version

  • Damian

    Preneur you are a legend. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you.

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  • Justin Mandel

    Thanks man. I’m not sure if this will do me any good in the future, but it’s good to hang on to 🙂

  • Sanjay

    Hi Pete, Thanks! This is something I have been searching for quite a while now. I can surely use this for my projects.

  • ram

    This is what I had bbeen exactly lloking for my project.Great work….I have to take a lot of things from this….very good ne …..thanks for the consolidation

  • Jacob

    Simply awesome. So many legal documents are mostly boilerplate anyway. More people need to do something like this. I mean, sure large corporations would be better off with a dedicated legal team, but small operations should be able to have legal protections too.

  • durgalakshmi

    I think that the NDA is a great resource. I am posting a link in my blog pointing to this post.

  • jay

    This is something companies may do when hiring employees. It prevents them from sharing company secrets with competetors.

  • Alice

    Strange as it may seem, but I was just drafting my own NDA for freelancer I do work with when I came upon your site and this post. I’m sure your NDA will improve mine.

  • zACH

    thank you. LEGEND!!!!

  • reshma

    Thank you very much for letting me know about NDA document and i will really follow your suggestions by not letting every one know my confidential matter and i will use only a non disclosure documents for my projects to keep it secretly.

  • Sheena

    Thank you!!

  • Sheena

    Thank you!!

  • therese

    Can’t seem to open the document… I click download and nothing happens…. Please help.

  • Jane

    How do you open the document? I click download and nothing happens….

  • Jane

    Got it. Thanks HEAPS!!!

  • Sheds

    This is great. I like the idea that our documents can be safe. Thanks NDA.

  • Merv & Sara Taylor

    Thanks for the copy of the Non Disclosure form on your website.

  • Paula Bradshaw

    Thanks so much for this!

  • Ahem

    It contains a few spelling mistakes/typographical errors (e.g. “propriety” [sic] instead of “proprietary” – an egregious mistake) and some of the clauses are not really to the benefit of the Disclosing Party (I am a trainee lawyer, so I suppose I can give an informed opinion). I would be cautious in relying upon this document pro forma.

  • http://- Gerard Hawkes

    Please forward NDA, would be greatly appreciated

  • Hayley

    Cannot find this download on the website – can you please send it over or let me know where it is available?


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  • Nathan

    Thanks very much for this, hugely appreciated!

  • Julia Sumina

    Thanks a lot! How much would you charge if your client asked you to sign NDA?

    • Pete Williams

      Hi Julia – Not sure I understand your question. In what context would you want to charge them to sign an NDA. Generally, signing an NDA would be part of the deal.

      • Julia Sumina

        I finished a project and now my client wants to sign NDA. Should I charge for that?

        Thanks again for sharing your file!

        • Pete Williams

          Ahh – It’s really strange to be asked to sign an NDA after the fact.

          Given you have done the job and (assuming) there was no requirement to sign an NDA, you have nothing to loose, so I would ask for a high price – like 20-25% of the original invoice.

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