A “Profit-Hacked” Blog: Better Roads Across America

Today I was onstage at “Experts Industry Association,” demonstrating some of my ProfitHack strategies. During my presentation, I pulled up a member of the audience onstage with me. We did a quick five-minute interview about his area of expertise. What you see below is an article that was created from this 5-minute interview — in this audience member’s voice. And it was created in under 45 minutes, using this ProfitHack.

Guest Blog by Blair Barnhardt

20,000 miles.

That’s how far I’ve driven in the past seven weeks – all across America.

I’ve been down every interstate, every highway, so I can tell you they all look pretty much the same.

Everywhere you go, there’s construction. There’s new roads being paved. All you ever see is the orange, white and amber flashing lights of the construction zones.

Let me tell you, it always frustrates me to see these workers tearing up the roads. And not because it stops traffic or slows down my travel.

It’s because there’s a more eco-efficient way that these workers could be creating better roads all across America.

It’s a much smarter way for governments, councils and counties to save money when they’re paving building roads for their local areas.

The problem is that not enough people know about it…

Recycle and Save Up to 50% in Costs

When you do construction on any road, workers physically bring in materials from other sites. It’s the conventional, less efficient way to work.

But there’s a much better way to pave roads.

For years, we’ve known about the technology that allows you to recycle the rock from the roads themselves.

Think about it. These rocks are 200 million years old. There’s no point in dragging new rocks to a construction site. You can simply recycle what’s there.

Consulting engineers have actually proven that it’s 50% to 65% more eco-efficient to recycle rocks in the roads in this way. That means it’s better for the environment.

You’re recycling rocks in place on the job site. So it stops workers from having to burn up all the diesel fuel or making new asphalt.

This recycling technology not only saves the environment – it also has the potential to save tax-payer dollars.

It’s estimated this technology will save up to 50% on road construction costs. Especially when you go to places like Alaska, where it’s more expensive to do conventional rehabilitation on the roads.

The Need for Speed

Even better, this new technology lets construction workers move faster.

As any driver knows, getting people in and out of a construction zone takes time. User delay is a huge penalty.

I saw that firsthand when I was driving across America over the past few weeks.

Well, with these new road rehabilitation techniques, workers can pave roads three times faster than using the traditional methods.

In other words, as a driver, you’ll be able to get in and out of construction zones faster… and hopefully you won’t see as many orange cones on the highway.

To learn more about this energy saving, cost-saving technology visit www.ipma.co — these six small letters are literally saving billions for mankind. Check them out.

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  • Chasen Chess

    I was in the audience when Pete used his Profit Hacks with Blair at the recent Experts Industry Association event with Brendon Bruchard. Pretty cool stuff and it all worked seemlessly. Profit Hacks rocks! Great job Pete and the launch was amazing.

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