THREE Opt-In Changes We’ve Implemented + Templates You Can Swipe

I think you might all get a kick out of this …

We’ve been testing a whole bunch of stuff recently regarding increasing Opt-Ins, and I wanted to share the results with you here and in a video below.

So here are THREE Recent Opt-In Changes We’ve Implemented + Templates You Can Swipe

Finding #1: Reports Are The Best B.A.I.T.

I won’t go into great detail here (see video below for that), but we are continually finding that short reports are the best opt-in bribes you can be using to encourage subscriber sign-ups across almost all niches and projects.

Here’s the a short acronym breakdown for you:

(B) Benefits Driven – Make sure the offer is benefit driven (What it does, not what it is)

(A) Applicable – The opt-in offer needs to be what your target audience wants (not necessarily what they need)

(I) Immediate – We’ve found newsletters, updates, or 7 part series are just not immediate enough (see tip 2 below)

(T) Tools – The best type of bait we’re finding is little one-page reports on the best tools your prospects can use. (see video below)

Finding #2: Use This Opt-In Button Template

This tip we swiped from Ben Settle + Jim Yaghi; and results are showing that it’s an absolute winner.

As mentioned above in Tip 1, people are impatient with overloaded inboxes. So offering something that is going to be spread out over the next (x) amount of weeks like a newsletter subscription or 7-Part eCourse just isn’t appealing.

So taking this to the extreme, you need to incorporate this into the language on your opt-in pages and submit buttons.

(Now I just spent about 20mins trying to articulate the psychology behind this, to set the context, but failed miserably … so rather wait for one of our writers to work on this, I am just going to jump into a whole bunch of examples, OK ?)

Basically, stop using words and langue that suggest things will happen in the future, such as: “we’ll email you the report” or  “to get the report…”

Rather, create a picture of what will happen AS SOON AS the prospect clicks the button on the opt-in form.

The language we are preferring in our projects that you are free to swipe is:  [Click To Load The Report] 

It’s implies instant not delayed (and just make sure you fulfil the promise and instantly load the report on the thank-you page)

Finding  #3: Forget Their First Name

In a recent blog post & video Clay Collins reported some really interesting split-test results from Juan Martitegui of Mindvalley Hispano.

Juan was testing the results of only asking for an email address (vs email and first name) and found a relative increase of 5.25% with the email only option.

Now 5.25% doesn’t sound like a massive jump, but in fact it is pretty cool given the ease of implementation, as that’s half way to that 10% goal we want if working within the 7 Levers Framework.

So combine that with a new study executed by Prof. Sunil Wattal at the Fox School of Business; which found that  95% of customers respond negatively when an email starts off with a greeting that includes their name; you’re bound to get some significant bottom line results!

(The 95% stat personally blew me away, but it’s hard to argue with research that drew from 10 million marketing emails sent to 600,000 customers.)

NOW … Putting It All Together In Under 3mins

To make it easy for everyone, I’ve actually created a short video showing how you can use these exact tactics in your business …. by using a couple of my very own businesses and projects as case studies.

Now be warned, I did this entire video myself, so it’s not as polished as you usually get around here when Dom get’s his hands on stuff… but none the less, the content is amazing (even if I do say so myself!)

In this jam packed little video you’ll discover:

– The exact bribe we are using in our telco business

– The tool we’re using, that creates all this in under 3min

– Where to get stock photos and background images for no charge

– How to start doing this yourself today without coding, graphic design or outsourcers.

For More On LeadPages Visit:

Personal Help With Your Opt-In Bribes

Now, over the next two weeks inside out high end platinum mastermind group, we’re going to be discussing Opt-Ins … so if you do invest in Lead Pages using our affiliate link, I’d love to invite you onto these two calls (as a bonus) so we can work on your offers and opt-in pages together.

Just email your LeadPages receipt to Florence via support [at] and she’ll hook you up with the dates and time of these next two private calls.

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  • Harold Glascock

    Overall, I am loving the content here! Thanks so much for the search creative commons tip and your 7levers report. I hope it is not too much of a downer to mention that I am not a Lead Pages fan, even though everyone seems to be using it these days. It is way over priced and most of the images are cookie cutter because very few people take the time to look for original images.

    • Pete Williams

      Thanks Harold.

      Completely agree on the ‘cookie cutter’ issues with LeadPages, I think it’s a great tool if used properly… including taking the time to really customise the page with unique images etc.

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