Are They Really Much Better Than You ?

“…Dog, I was having nervous breakdowns … Like “Damn, these n*** that much better than me?”
– Kanye West, Touch the Sky

Kanye West

It’s a good question… One that every successful athlete, singer and entrepreneur asked themselves at least 3,465 times. (Yep, i got me a clipboard and did a survey).

… and there are just as many ways to answer the question.

… and it’s the answers you give yourself that make the difference.

See, in reality it’s not that they are better than you… the successful simply know;

They’re no better than you… they just do more of ‘it’ than you.
They’re no better than you… they just work harder than you.
They’re no better than you… they’ve been doing it longer than you.
They’re no better than you… they’ve just met more contacts than you.
They’re no better than you… they’ve just tried more than you.

p.s. Is Kanye wearing one of the finest jackets in this pic or what?

  • Vince Samios

    Truth and a half – and unfortunately its mostly a motivational thing.

    Doing more & Working harder requires motivation.
    Having done it for a period of time requires motivation
    Meeting contacts requires motivation
    Trying more things and trying harder just takes motivation…

    …Its all about motivation

  • Pete Williams


    I think it all starts a little self belief; if you really think THEY are ‘better than’ you, it’s hard to get and stay motivated.

    So many ppl live in the ‘illusion’ that others have been born with some special gift that makes them better…

  • CrystalsQuest

    I’m of the school of thought that says we all have strengths, and we all have something to offer. Tiger Woods is better than me at golf, sure, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not better than him at something else. Actually, there’s quite a few skills & talents I’m strong in that he and a lot of other people would find it hard to match ME in. Pretty much everyone has at least one thing they find easy that others can’t do. That’s what makes the world interesting – all the different things we bring to the table. Nobody else has exactly the same set of skills, perspectives and experiences that you have, and that means you have something uniquely valuable to offer.

    But to come back to the topic, I have to agree that mindset is important too. To paraphrase Ford’s famous quote: “Whether you think they are, or you think they aren’t; you’re right.”

  • Chilly

    Those folks are stars, just look at how much they’ve done.

  • jason1

    spot on as usual. good analysis.

  • market2009

    Interesting thoughts, I like that post.

    It’s all about working hard – and being in the right place at the right time. There’s even a parable about rewards that go to the persistent. Work hard until you get lucky – then work harder.

  • Brian

    Not a big fan of the jacket but I guess Kayne is probably better than me when it come to fashion.

  • sumit

    If you are not strong from inside then you will keep doubting your abilities. Self introspection is the best way to overcome your weaknesses. You must have heard a chinese proverb – The wise man asks himself the reason for his mistakes. The fool asks others.

  • Rathi

    Great..the words are really true..They’re no better than me..Great post that speaks about hard work..And BTW, The jacket of kanye is simply good.

  • Abhishek

    A good message though – Its talks about putting in more efforts to succeed. If you are not successful dont blame the circumstances question yourself first. where did you go wrong? and where you could have really done better?

    Good Jacket Kayne…

  • hellraiza

    Really true…you have to believe in yourself to succeed!

  • samantha

    And the point of this post is?….

  • turker

    interesting, but i believe a real entrepreneur wouldn’t be asking him/herself such questions; they’d already know that they can do anything they put their mind to, and they’d be too busy to be asking / dwelling on such trivial questions.

  • TT

    I was a bit confused by this post at first. I saw Kanye’s picture and was attracted to this blog (out of all the rest). I think it’s very motivational and why not? you have to motivate yourself!

    That having been said, the video to this video is hilarious. And Yes, Kanye looks hot in that jacket!

  • Clark

    This post is inspiring as a personal mantra. It’s sometimes hard to keep going when you don’t see the results of your efforts the way you see the results of others, it even offers advice on what to do to change that. I like it.

  • CSorto

    Every succesful person has a bad time, the diference is they learn from them and apply the solutions in their lives. Keep doing it even when you to be up…

  • Mark Harrison

    I believe that it’s all a motivational thing, successful people will always compare themselves to others as thats how they motivate themselves and stay hungry for success.

  • Sean Trott

    This appears like a matter of motivation, as many other comments have attested to. Competition is what fuels our environment. Without competition, we would have no desire for progress or “leaps forward.” However, it is also what inspires jealous and so on.

  • Niki

    Great article! That’s one of the songs I listen to while I am running. I’m in the middle of training for a half-marathon and it’s all about motivation and believing that I am good enough.

  • kalpsadit

    It is a great article which is 100% true. We all see only the success of any person but fail to see the hardships he or she had undergone to reach the fruit of success. Instead of finding out why are they successful, it is better to improve ourselves and strive hard to be as successful as they are…

  • chris snyder

    Dude, Kanye looks hot in that blazer.

  • Rajesh

    I think just their bit more than me so i understood the concept of the Article so we need to think every time and we need do some hard work to reach the destination or goal, but in practically we need to do and i can guess that it is not easy to reach but we have to try there is no way, I am looking forward to know many things from you.

    You have shared wonderful Article with us so it may impress to us.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Karthikeyan

    In this world for everyone good things will happen and also in the same time bad things will also happen.What the thing is they will get one step high while the good thing was happening.And they will get a nice experience while the bad things happens.

  • Isabelb

    In a way its tru and its not. Peopla are pretty much all equals. But its the things they do that can be judged as better or worse.

  • Areeba

    Well, I think that this is more or less motivational speaking. Not all people will be equal, some people have natural talent for some things and others dont. But I do think that the important thing is that we keep trying because if we do we will reach the top.

  • uma

    hard working can get you to higher places immaterial of your talents and skills. If you work hard you will become talented automatically. You should have the interest to learn and to work hard to achieve goals in life. You should never give up until you succeed.


    It is exactly true that the reactions or outcomes are only from our actions and notby any other person or means. For every action there will be an equallent and opposite reaction is absolutely true. This potrays the exact meaning of it and it proves to be good.

  • Peter

    On the picture: He just looks stupid! Why is he wearing that jacket with jeans? what a douche bag.

    Anyway, to be successful takes some work and some luck and some natural talent. It also takes a good understanding of oneself and what one can and cannot do.

  • EyeOfRa93

    I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot lately. I’m a bit of a late bloomer in life and my family never really taught me much about money. I’m coming to realise that, aside from talent and knowledge, business is very much about pure guts and endurance. Especially the guts and endurance to pick yourself up after a lot of failures!

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