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Copywriting with Joe Sugarman [PreneurCast Ep146]
After a couple of months’ hiatus, we’re back with some amazing interviews and episodes, starting off with a conversation with a true direct-response marketing pioneer – Joseph Sugarman. Not only did Joe lead the way with the products he chose to market, but also in the way he marketed them – introducing the concept of using toll-free numbers to take credit card orders over the phone, which was unheard of at the time. This episode is such a great one to start off this new series of shows with, so sit back and enjoy.

November 2014 Promotional Calendar Ideas [Opt-Ins & Conversions]
In an effort to beef up the fun in your marketing and see more conversions as a result (one of the 7 Levers of Business, of course), we’ve put together this essay covering clever promotional ideas for November 2014. November presents a slew of interesting promotional opportunities, particularly for those businesses operating internationally, as the USA ramps up into its holiday season with full force and many countries partake in “Black Friday” sales the day after Americans celebrate Thanksgiving.

WHY People Fail
Spoiler alert: The reason most people fail is NOT “fear,” though that’s become a favourite choice of our culture lately.

HUGE Collection of Display Adverts from Claude Hopkins
This one missed last week’s ‘swipe file’ edition of Noise Reduction, but is a must-have in your files. Please tell me you’ve read both of Hopkins books! You have, right? Surely!

Behind The Book Campaign: How to Sell 30,000 Copies in Six Weeks
Over the last several years, “media manipulator” and author Ryan Holiday has done dozens of book launches. He’s worked on campaigns for books that sold millions of copies and hit #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list. He says a lot of people in publishing have been looking very hard for marketing steroids for a long time (first Twitter, then Amazon, then email, then blogs), and that he may have accidentally stumbled on a new one.

The 16 Best Books About Marketing, Period
Below is Ryan’s list of the best marketing books that have shaped his career, taught him to land many huge clients (Dov Charney of American Apparel, Tim Ferriss and Tucker Max), spread messages, and ultimately helped him acquire and keep many customers who spent many millions of dollars.

No, You Can’t Pick My Brain. It Costs Too Much
Many in the marketing circles will tell you the freebie giveaway is vital. But it doesn’t always lead to a sale. With the Internet being so widely available loaded with free information, people automatically assume that you too have to provide information for free. Author and former recruiter Adrienne D. Graham argues that in essence, what you’re doing when you ask to pick someone’s brain is coming to a professional and asking them to work for free.

Tony Robbins on Morning Routines, Peak Performance, and Mastering Money
Some know him as the guy with the big teeth from Shallow Hal or those late night infomercials. Others like Andre Agassi, Oprah or Usher know him as a peak performance coach. Yet, with the release of his first book in 20 years, you’ll soon know Tony as the author of MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. This is a must-listen chat with Tim Ferriss!

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Pete Williams is an entrepreneur, author, and marketer from Melbourne, Australia.

Before being honored “Australia’s Richard Branson” in media publications all over the continent, Pete was just 21 years old when he sold Australia’s version of Yankee Stadium, The Melbourne Cricket Ground For Under $500! Don’t believe it? You will! Check out the story in the FAQ section (it really is our most asked question).

Since then, he’s done some cool stuff like write the international smash hit ‘How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality’ (+ the upcoming ‘It’s Not About the Product‘) and he’s created a bunch of companies including Infiniti Telecommunications, On Hold Advertising, Simply Headsets and Preneur Group.

Lots of other people think he’s pretty good too! He’s been announced as the Global Runner-Up in the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards for 2009, the Southern Region Finalist in the Ernst & Young 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year, and a member of SmartCompany’s Top 30 Under 30.

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