Interspire Email Marketer Extension 1.01

As we shared in our 13,000+ word epic series, Email Marketing: Self-Hosted vs Traditional Cloud-Hosted Options, after a lot of research into self-hosted email marketing autoresponder software, we decided to move our entire business across to Interspire Email Marketer (IEM)  from Big Commerce.

Even with all its advanced marketing functionality, there were a few key ‘Preneur-style marketing’ features missing from IEM.

So we set out to rectify that problem, and have a developer from our extended team create what we’re referring to as an “Extension to Interspire Email Marketer” to ensure we had all the functionality we wanted.

It was a brilliant result for us, and we thought we’d share the love, offset our investment, and make our custom code available at a very reasonable price point, so others who choose Interspire’s Email Marketer as their autoresponder can benefit.


Features of Interspire Email Marketer Extension

There are three core features or additions to the feature-set of Interspire Email Marketer that are included in this extension pack:

1. Segmented Broadcast Mailings [Include/Exclude]

If you’re a savvy marketer, you might often need to send a message to a group of subscribers whilst excluding subscribers who are also on another list.

For instance, let’s say you have two lists and email campaigns running, one for buyers of Product A, the other for Product B.

However, some subscribers to the Product A list are also on the Product B list and vice versa.

 One day, you want to run a promotion and send a message to the customers of Product A to give more information about and cross-sell the related Product B.

But what about the people who have already purchased both products? They can get quite annoyed when they see the special offer on a product they’ve already purchased — especially if it was at a higher price! 

By excluding a list from a broadcast, you can ensure that anyone on that list will not receive the message, even if they are on the specific list(s) you are sending to. This way, we could ensure that anyone who  already purchased Product B would not receive the special promotional email.

Unfortunately, this is not easily done in the standard edition of Interspire Email Marketer — until now!

This custom feature adds the functionality to allow you to ‘exclude subscribers’ from specific lists when sending out a broadcast.

During the ‘Send Email Campaign’ process of a broadcast, simply select the lists whose subscribers will be deduced and removed from the mailing.


2. Advanced Unsubscribe-On-Subscribe Automation Trigger

As important as all marketers know it is, managing your subscribers and lists can be a customer service nightmare — especially if they are on more than one list. How can you make sure that the right customers are getting the right information from the right list?

Just like an autoresponder series means less work when following up and increasing your transactions per period, automation rules (known as Triggers in IEM) mean less manual work when managing subscribers on several lists.

Unfortunately in the standard Interspire Email Marketer release, they don’t do a great job of automatically Separating Prospects From Customers.

Let’s say you just sell one product, Product A, and thus have two email lists — one for Product A customers and one for prospects.

Obviously, you want your prospects to purchase Product A, so you have an autoresponder campaign set up to promote the benefits of investing in Product A.

But what happens when they get all excited and buy Product A halfway through the sequence? The emails targeted to your prospect list aren’t relevant to them anymore.

By using the advanced “unsubscribe-on-subscribe” trigger inside this extension pack, your prospect list subscribers can be automatically removed from the old list when they purchase Product A.


Unsubscribe-on-subscribe is a very important automation trigger (which we can’t believe Interspire left out) because of how it automatically moves subscribers between your various lists. Once your prospects buy from you and turn into customers, this trigger/rule ensures they’ll be on the relevant list — for future emails, autoresponders and other upsells.

3. Dedupe Upon Manual Import.

Sometimes you need to import a list of new contacts into an Interspire list. Maybe you’ve done an offline promotion to generate new leads for your business (via a trade show or third-party list-building tool), and want to subscribe them to a ‘welcome autoresponder’ series introducing them to your business, products and solutions.

But what happens if some people on the list are already familiar with you and already subscribed to other lists you have? Surely, you don’t want to abuse the relationship you have already built with those prospects or customers by putting them through an introductory, ‘this is who we are’ series of emails (that they possible already went through previously).

The Dedupe on Manual Import feature allows you to select a (single) existing list that your imported email addresses will be reduplicated against — to ensure only new contacts will be added to your chosen list.


What’s Included in the “Add-On Pack”

Unlike WordPress, Interspire Email Marketer isn’t built with plugins, extensions and add-ons in mind. So to create the feature set mentioned above, the development team had to modify some of the core files that Interspire runs on.

It’s these modified .php and .tpl files that you will be able to instantly download and install, having you up and running with these advanced Interspire functions in no time.

For reference the files that you receive are as follows:


Upon your purchase of this Interspire Email Marketer Modification Pack, you will be provided the above files in a .zip file for installation.


Installation Process For “Plugin”

As mentioned, Interspire isn’t designed with true plugin functionality in mind. But that’s doesn’t mean the set-up process is hard — in fact, it couldn’t be easier. It really is just a matter of 1,2,3.

  1. Back up your existing Interspire Email Marketer system files.
    This can be done by simply logging into your host via FTP, and downloading a copy of the abovementioned files (or the entire file structure) to ensure you have a working copy.
  2. Upload and overwrite the files provided in this advance bundle.
    Ensure you upload the files in the correct sub-folders as shown above.
  3. Login into your Interspire Email Marketer admin.
    … and enjoy your new advanced feature set! (We strongly suggest creating some test lists and broadcasts.)

Yep, it really is that simple!

Server Side Note: When we initially installed the “plugin,” we did have to make a slight adjustment to the server settings to allow for the advanced processing required to run some of the features. You may need to increase your server’s PHP Memory Limit to 64M or higher. The two easiest ways are: a) editing the .htaccess, or b) adding php.ini file on your hosting server.

[Legal Notice: Please be aware that this extension pack is clearly an edit/tweak of the official Interspire Email Marketer code. And while all care was taken and the feature set is absolutely working on our live Interspire IEM installation, we are not responsible in any way, shape, form or level, for any errors or problem (of any size or nature) caused by installing the customised code.]


Plugin Support

The three features of this extension pack have been developed and tested on Interspire Email Marketer version 6.1.3 and 6.1.4:


As I am sure you’ve realised we are not a development company, and don’t even pretend to play one here on the internet.

Therefore, we can’t offer any support (or refunds) for this code set. They are simply something we invested heavily in getting developed for our own needs, and wanted to share with the wide community at a fair price that would help offset our investment.

Think of this as investing in some pre-written (tested/working) code which will save you hundreds!

If you purchase the extension pack and need some advanced help, please do let us know though… and we can connect you with the developer we used for direct one-on-one support (removing PreneurGroup from the picture). This way he can take this code base, and make any improvements, adjustments or enhancements needed for your specific requirements.

Purchase IEM Extension v1.01

To get instant access to these three highly impactful marketing add-ons for Interspire Email Marketer, simply complete your details below, and you will receive an email which includes a direct link to the downloadable .zip file and everything you need to get started..

Buy now: $27.00 USD



Interspire Email Marketer is a registered product of BigCommerce Pty. Ltd and this extension is no way endorsed or associated with BigCommerce Pty. Ltd.

  • Dwayne Golden Jr

    I like the concept what is it that separates your extension from an “aweber” ?

    • Pete Williams

      Hey Dwayne…

      As we mention in our series on Email Marketing: Self-Hosted vs Traditional Cloud-Hosted Options [ ], Aweber is a good cloud-hosted solution, but there a tonne of reasons why we decided to move to a self-hosted solution in Interspire.

      Check out that series of posts for an in depth look at what separates all the different email autoresponder solutions.

      Even with all the advantages of IEM however, there were a couple of features we needed that it didn’t offer… so we invested some development time in making those features available… and decided to help offset that investment buy making the “tweaks” available to others at a low price.

      Hope that helps a bit.


    • Stephen

      Aweber works

  • Daniel Lavoie

    I’ve just purchased your extension. You got me with the Include/Exclude :).
    I can’t believe they never included this NECESSARY function.

    Now I can stop creating other lists, importing, exporting…… arghhh… Thank you!

    • Pete Williams

      Awesome Daniel! Hope it saves you a bunch of time.

  • Pete Williams

    Great to hear Ed… Enjoy the enhancements.

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  • Pete Williams

    Adrian.. no limits at all!

  • Frank R

    Got the add-on and love it! One feature request though, on the ability to exclude lists during send, I’d love to have that feature in the “Segments” area.

    • Pete Williams

      Hey Frank.

      Sure that would be cool.

      As mentioned above in the post, we developed these extensions on our own dime to fit with our needs – and simply make it available to recover some of our costs.

      We’re not a development company as such, so we’re only customising Interspire to fit with what we use – and segments isn’t a big one.

      We can always refer you to the developer we used, and based on past jobs, I would think he’d charge around $300-$400 for that feature.

      Hope that helps.


  • ajmcclary

    Just installed. I must say I’m REALLY excited and impressed with these additional features!

    • Pete Williams

      Fantastic – glad you’ll get value from it.

  • Pete Williams

    The only way to could achieve something close to what you are after is create a new IEM list for each of your products, then have your CRM subscribe the customer to that specific list upon purchase (this is exactly how we do it, via our shopping cart – Nanacast)

    … and then you simply have the relevant auto-responder messages set up per list.

  • Pete Williams

    Good question Benjamin.

    We are looking at building/customising our own unsubscribe page.. but until then I am really not sure of the best way!


  • Jacob

    I think the plugin at might do this… sort of. What it will do is allow you to map a custom field in Interspire to the Product User Meta Field in WordPress. It would depend on what ecommerce plugin you are using and how complex your product list is.

  • Jay

    I’m using version 6.1.3 and i’ve uploaded the files exactly as shown. Yet none of the new options are showing in my Inter. Has anyone else come across this issue or might know what is causing the conflict.


  • Stephen

    Just purchased this to solve the moving prospect to buyer list (A to B)
    But the subscriber doesnt get removed from the prospect list (using a form to subscribe to buyer list).

    Anyone else had this problem. Its the reason I purchased the script but doesn’t seem to work.


    • Pete Williams

      Stephen, what version of IEM are you using?

      Also, what’s your servers PHP limits?

      There’s close to a hundred people using the plugin without problems.

  • Markus Skupeika

    Hi Pete, I am having same issue with the subscriber not getting removed from prospect list (using API to Subscribe to Buyer List).
    Are you supporting 6.1.5?

  • David

    Have you know any one how can i install this script, on IEM.
    I means what processor is follow for setup this script on IEM..?

    Thanks in advance

  • Redbird

    Is this addon still for sale?

    • Pete Williams


      Sorry – there was a bug with the download/payment widget.

      All fixed!

      • Redbird

        yes works now. Thanks Pete. I love stripe ))

        Before I order it, can you confirm it works with 6.1.5 and will it work with newer ver just released 6.1.6?


        • Pete Williams

          I have absolutely no idea about 6.1.5 onwards.

          As mentioned above:
          The three features of this extension pack have been developed and tested on Interspire Email Marketer version 6.1.3 and 6.1.4:

          You can always purchase the the code base (plugin), and use it as a baseline for a developer to tweak if needed – saving you the cost of someone coding it up from scratch.


  • Nigel Godfrey

    Has anyone installed this on Interspire version 6.1.6? Does it work for this version? Looks good if it will work!

  • Vasiliy Volkov

    I can see the demo versions and add-ons for any version Interspire?

  • Mike

    I was hoping your plugin would help with the following scenario but unfortunately It doesn’t. Am a missing something in workflow?
    I have an autoresponder setup for a client who offers a wedding venue. Subscribers subscribe via a webworm on a landing page. Autoresponder delivers a pdf with different options and costings etc. My client gets notified about the subscription and uses the tel no supplied in web form to do follow up. The problem comes in when the same subscriber tries to access this info later in the year. They have already subscribed. I thought I would be clever and create two subscription lists. The intention was to use a trigger to remove clients from list one by using the embedded link and auto subscribe them to list two. IEM however only allows the trigger to be activated in email campaigns and not autoresponders…agh. I’m sure others have faced this problem and have a solution. Any ideas?

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