Marketing an Online Business? Step #1 – Create Credibility

Today’s post is a guest post by Rich Schefren.

Credibility… Believability… Proof…

You need more of it. That’s what everyone says. There are even entire books and courses written on how to get it.

But you know what I say? It’s this:

Boosting your credibility is necessary but it’s always much easier if you do one thing.

I’ll explain what that one thing is in a moment. First let me introduce myself.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rich Schefren.

I’ve been in the business world for over 20 years now, and during that time I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their own businesses (and grown three multimillion-dollar businesses of my own).

I’m known as the “Guru to the Gurus.” I got that reputation because I’ve coached 90% of the gurus in the Internet marketing industry today, and personally helped all my clients build their credibility.

And over the years, I’ve found boosting your own credibility is always easier when you…

Improve Your Substance

What I mean by that is…

Keep focusing on making your products or services better. Make all your products and services as great as you can. Strive ever and ever to create more value for both your prospects and clients.

What’s that? You say you are already doing that? And you’re not getting all the notoriety and recognition you deserve? And it’s costing you sales and profits daily?

Then let me show you how it’s done.

Today we’re going to drill down into all the particulars of proof. How to best leverage it to enhance your believability and credibility.

First, I want to share an incredible gem Dan Kennedy shared with me. Pay careful attention, because this one is a game changer.

The Game Changer

You see, most marketers think there’s only 1 level of proof. But they’re wrong.

There are, in fact, three levels of proof. Here they are:

  1. Proof you can do it
  2. Proof you can help others to do it
  3. Proof you can help someone worse off than your prospects do it

Now, obviously, all three are important.

But don’t you know, it’s the third type that is often the most difficult to get and the most explosive in generating blockbuster sales.

Here’s why:  Low self-esteem is epidemic. So even when you prove you can do it, and you’ve helped others do it too, your prospect may not believe you can help them do it.

Why? Because they believe they’re…

Beyond Hope.

And that, my friend, will stifle your sales more than you might imagine.

Up till now, you could often rely on testimonials to plug this leak in your sales.

And so in my next post, I’m going to share a plethora of ways to establish more proof.

Consider it a smorgasbord of vehicles to pick and choose from. And while you might not use all of them in any one campaign, the more you do use the more bulletproof your positioning will be.

And, more importantly, your prospects will have…

Confidence You Can Solve Their Problems

Make sense?

Keep in mind there are tons of ways to build up the proof that you have what it takes to solve your clients’ problems.

I have six specific ways to build credibility that I give my own business clients. I’ll get into those in my next guest post here.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about how to use your past experiences to build credibility, check out my post on How to Leverage Your Strengths.

To higher profits and beyond,
Rich Schefren

P.S. Right now, Rich and I are gearing up to launch a new course – Profit Hacks. In this course, we reveal how we manage to run our entire ‘Internet Marketing Businesses’ in just a few minutes every day – leaving plenty of time to run our other businesses, make time for family, and train for triathlons (well that last one is just me). For now, this product is closed to new clients, but we’ll let you know right here when this product is available once again.

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