[Over the Shoulder] Dom’s Crazy 7-Day Challenge

One of the things that my podcast co-host Dom Goucher and I love is real-world examples — seeing how other people have applied something and got results (and what problems they had along the way and how they solved them). In fact, this is something that members of our Platinum group get to see all the time — we produce “Over the Shoulder” content for some of our major projects so people can see how we do what we do.

Anyway, we thought you might like to see some of this content, because this time it’s no ordinary project.

See, Dom’s been threatening to start a personal project for close to a year now, but a lot has happened in the past year for both of us and it never seemed to get off the ground.

As you’d probably guess, this inaction has been frustrating me no end, so I decided to set him a Positive Constraint to help him get it moving, because I think when it’s done it will be a valuable resource for the Preneur Community.

To cut a long story VERY short, Dom has to get this new project up and running in just 7 days!

… and he’s created this first 2-minute video to give you some background and context to what he’s going to be working on (and keep an eye out to the way he stumbles over his framing of “volunteering”).

The Why, What & How Action Plan

To kick things off with this challenge, Dom’s also put together a more detailed over-the-shoulder video session, where he breaks down the exact ‘Why, What & How’ action plan he’s going to use to try and complete this challenge.

It’s a fantastic insight into the way we work on projects that you can model for your own stuff.

Case Studies — How “Real People” Got 1,000,000 Customers in 11 Months

To let the cat out of the bag a little bit, Dom’s project is to create a Digital Magazine (or a MagCast as they are sometimes called). And just to hit the message home a little harder, the reason Dom is working on this magazine as a new project is because of the tonnes and tonnes of proof that we’ve seen that this whole MagCasting thing is an amazing market that’s overlooked by so many!

During the pilot program of Ed’s platform (which Dom will be using), 350+ new publications have been created, and they have generated over 1,000,000 customers in only 11 months, with NO paid advertising whatsoever!

If you haven’t seen it already, Ed’s published a video where he talks to a bunch of these publishers, who are regular PEOPLE just like you (and Dom), where they share their experiences on Apple Newsstand and their new businesses.


We’ll have another update from Dom on his adventures in a day or so… But if you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL about Dom’s project or MagCasting in general, feel free to leave your comment below — we’ll answer them all personally!

P.S. One more crazy stat worth mentioning. In Ed’s video, he quotes that they’ve had a million readers. Well, in the past four weeks, the total has risen to 1,250,325! Yep, it took 11 months to reach the million mark, but only 1 month to increase that by 25%! Insanity!

P.P.S. The clock’s ticking, Dom!

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  • http://floridamarketinglabs.com/ Adam Teece

    Just wondering how I can find the rest of the videos or documentation of Don’t process?

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Hey Adam … Great question. Dom is about to load all these up into this post in about a day or three… So I’ll shoot you a message when they are all here for you to check out.

      • http://floridamarketinglabs.com/ Adam Teece

        Awesome, thanks so much. I am finally getting my magazine together myself. No way I can do it in 7 days because of full time job, but it will be a fun experience.

        I do hope you bring LD Mag back too someday 🙂

  • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

    Great question Ron – let me chase that down with Dom.

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