Quick Favour For My Birthday?


I’m turning 32 this week, and was thinking about all the cool things that happened in the past 12 months.

It was a pretty amazing year, especially with Eli (AKA “La Boss”):


I think all parents know that you can’t prepare yourself for parenthood; but what this little munchkin has taught me this year has been the biggest surprise.

I’m even putting dirty dishes straight in the dishwasher, and not leaving towels on the floor for the first time ever! As I realised Eli is going to learn more from my actions than my words!

… and that “show not tell” approach is something that we try and do for the Preneur Community each and every day – as everything we share comes from real work experience, running real wold businesses.

I love this because we make an effort to not be like everyone else out there. We’re in the trenches day-to-day just like you, growing and marketing our projects, and not spending all day selling “information + advice” like most “gurus”.

But even with that said, the thing I’m most proud of is the results the Preneur Community has achieved.

The replies to our emails, and the stories people share with us at varies conferences are inspiring. It’s truly amazing what ‘preneur style marketing‘ can do for business owners like us.

So it’s funny that every year, when my family asks me what I want for my birthday, I never have a good answer. The truth is, my businesses & projects provide everything I need.

But I will ask one thing from you:

All I want is, to know how has Preneur Marketing helped you?

For my 32nd birthday, will you share one specific thing that Preneur Marketing + the PreneurCast Podcast has helped you to do? Maybe the ‘7 Levers’ has helped towards doubling your profits, or you’ve grown through outsourcing. Maybe you just enjoy hearing Dom and I rant on the podcast each week, or ProfitHacks helped you get way more productive.  Perhaps a book we’ve recommended changed your life, or the Preneur Heirarchy gave you a framework to focus your marketing.

I would love to know, and it would make my day. Just leave a comment here on the blog.

And, as always, thanks for being part of our community.


  • Kat Von Rohr

    Hey Pete — Happy Birthday! It’s been an honor getting to know you and your work over the last two years. Of everything I’ve learned from you, by far the most intriguing strategy is how you personally approach content creation. From a productivity standpoint, it’s fascinating how you transform a single podcast or quick audio recording into videos, blog posts, audio books, reports, lead magnets etc. Truly inspiring. Thank you for that. Here’s wishing you an equally fantastic year at 32. 🙂

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Thanks Kat.

      We’ve got a big year planned – especially for the Preneur Community.

  • Paul Higgins

    Pete has a great way of attracting and then asking the great questions to his Podcast guests. I have my task manager open to implement actions – practical tips that increases revenue in my business. His ability to consume content is amazing and the way he summarises it improves my personal productivity. I was lucky enough to be coached by Pete and his ability to say it how it really is, hold me to account and get me focused on the right things made a significant improvement on my business. Happy bday Pete and your wisdom is well beyond your years.

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Cheers Paul.

      We’ve got some more amazing guests coming up on the show in the next few weeks!

  • Alan Fawcett

    Aww man, how can i limit this to just one thing. You were the inspiration behind me starting my podcast, to reach out and truly connect with my audience. Sorry i am going to have to say more. I love your workflows and systems to maximise efficiency and effectiveness, making the most out of one piece of content, to build a team who are great at the element they do – you constantly tell us you are not a technical expert with telecoms – and I thought it was great when you told me that you are not necessarily an early adopter, getting dragged into the shiny new things. You explained that your technology is only there to replace an analogue version. Finally, my audio book library is filled with your recommendations. Oh and don’t get me started on looking for inspiration and lessons from outside of the space in which you work, nutrition, triathlon and the list continues. Pah! keep it to one thing. Are you crazy? Happy birthday buddy.

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Alan – WOW.

      Thanks so much ! Amazing.

  • http://www.michoninternational.com MichelleF

    The prenuer podcast has kept me entertained on many a long run – so thank you for the distraction from what my body was going through 😉
    On a serious note your leverage ideas have been ground breaking in our business – for example, we rarely leave a piece of content in its original form.. An audio becomes a written transcript and a video presentation with slides – snap, three times as much content on the web! Awesome 🙂
    There are way too many things I could say but that’s my most ‘mind shifted’ example!

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Thanks Michelle.

      You are absolutely killing it down in Tasmania!

  • Thibault Masson

    Hi Pete, it’s your birthday but you are the one sending great gifts to us in the form of your podcast and articles!
    I really enjoy the productivity tips that you share with us: Real software that you use, real actionable tips, really useful books to read. Listening to your podcast is always a good time investment for me: I invest 1 hour listening to something that will save me hours in the future.
    The other thing I enjoy is that you have an “offline business”, so Preneur Marketing is about marketing for a real company. It is not theoretical online marketing. I run luxury vacation rentals in Bali, St Barts and Paris, so your lessons on being flexible, using V.A.s to work 24/7, focusing on the right things are great.
    If Eli wants to take you to Bali for a well-deserved family trip, let me know 😉

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Thanks Thibault!

      Please don’t let my wife know about your Bali places, she loves that place!

      • Thibault Masson

        Well, you do know that you shouldn’t hide anything from your wife, don’t you ? 😉

        • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

          I love a good salesman!

  • Ludwina Dautovic

    What I’ve come to value about you is that you actually do what it is you teach. There’s no BS you have applied your own teachings and have had a phenomenal response. I have come to filter the voices that were once swimming in my head and now only listen to those who can really support my own life and business journey.
    Congratulations on entry into the journey of parenthood. It goes by very quickly Pete. Mine are now 22 and 19 and one is about to leave home.


    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Thanks Ludwina…

      Yeah, it’s amazing how quickly this year with Eli has gone. He’s starting to take a few steps and seems so grown up all ready. Insane!

    • Ludwina Dautovic


  • Tycanning

    Hi Pete,

    Congrats on being a new Dad. Best job in the world. I’ve loved your style of writing and striving to communicate value.

    Ty Canning

    Oh and happy birthday too.

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Thanks Ty!

      Couldn’t agree more…

  • http://www.theretailguy.com.au Kristian Mahony

    Hey Pete, firstly, happy birthday. Too bad you don’t fall into the ‘legendary’ star sign of Aquarius, but I wont hold that against you….32, really? So young, so much to learn… ;P
    Yourself along with the team at preneurmarketing have helped me bring structure to my blogging and article architecture. I use your suggestions in each post I do now, and you know what, ba da bing, it’s ramming home some great results. Can’t thank you enough, cheers.

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      … yes, lots still to learn.

  • http://floridamarketinglabs.com/ Adam Teece

    Happy birthday Pete! The whole concept of the ‘7 Levers’ has completely changed how I Co salt my clients. I used to just do website setup and basic SEO, now I look at it from the 7 levers perspective and work with them to calculate an ROI to expect from my services.

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Brilliant Adam!

      I bet they engage with you more, and even pay you more for the service right ?

      • http://floridamarketinglabs.com/ Adam Teece

        They definitely engage more and some pay more and some pay less, but that is because everything is also easier for me too. So effort to money, the money is much higher, but not every transaction is higher, and I’m ok with that.

        I’ve also discovered some businesses that the 7 levers don’t seem to apply to as much, mainly the one I’m working at for a job right now lol. It’s a utility services contractor. They bid huge contracts and so prices are pretty much set for how much they can get per service provided.

        I’m trying to find ways to provide more value to my job, just because that’s how I am, but they really don’t want me to. But that’s also why I’m building my business on the weekends.

        • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

          Yeah, the 7Levers can be hard for unique businesses; but if you look hard enough there is always a funnel; even if ‘Items Per Sale’ will only ever be 1.

          The key is just to move the % around, and improve the other metrics accordingly.

          We will have an interactive calculator up on the site shortly, so you can easily play around with that type of scenario.

  • http://PathwaysToProfit.com/ David Alexander

    Hey Pete, please accept my best wishes on your Birthday and congratulations on becoming a Dad. As a father of 3 boys 19, 18, and 5 – trust me when I say “Don’t worry – just let Eli (AKA “La Boss”) lead the way” 🙂 . Ever since promoting the launch of your Profit Hacks product I have learnt and implemented many of your productivity hacks in my business. What I like most about what you do as an entrepreneur and marketer is – “simplicity” and “leverage”. I continue to use many of your time and workflow hacks on a daily basis. So thank you and keep doing what you do. Wishing you an incredibly awesome Birthday! Cheers, David Alexander

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Cheers David.

      I might need to call on you in a few years time for ‘teenage raising tips’

  • Penn Moody

    Happy Birthday, Pete. 7 Levers has changed my whole concept of building / implementing a sales funnel. Hope you have a great day!!!

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Rock on Penn!

      Glad we’ve been able to help.

  • Ryth Martin

    Happy birthday, Pete!

    Your ideas and writings have been very helpful for me professionally and personally. Here’s to an amazing 32nd year and many, many, many more to come!

  • http://www.thefullnessofyourpower.com Rachel S. Heslin

    I love the podcast because it’s like a pocketful of analytical inspiration I can plug into whenever I want. 😀

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      “analytical inspiration”

      I think we might have to make that a tagline Rachel!

      Love it.

  • Marvin Daniel

    Happy Birthday Pete!! Wishing you all the best with your newborn baby…

  • http://www.businessgrowthinstantly.com.au/ Graeme Pearson

    Hi Pete and Dom. Firstly Happy Birthday Pete for this week. It is actually my birthday today. I came in probably a year after you started but I have quickly caught up and listened to every episode and many a couple of times. I would like to say my life has changed more than it has as a result of listening to you guys but that is definitely no fault on your part and the information you share. It is a result of my implementation muscles and being stuck in a cycle of doing everything myself. I have been more focused and use tools like evernote and focus@will as a result of your podcasts not to mention the knowledge I have gained from you and the many guests you have interviewed as well as many of the books you have recommended. There are probably many other small changes that have happened as a result of what I have learnt from you so for that I am sincerely grateful and I really appreciate all the fantastic work that you do. Keep up the great work.

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Happy Birthday Graeme!

      Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to leave a comment. I truly appreciate it.

  • http://www.ourbuildhandyman.com.au/ James Mason

    Happy Bday mate, well done and all the best in the future, your podcast is a great inspiration to us all.

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Thanks James – We’ve got some awesome episodes in the can to be released.

      Next weeks with Dr Jason Fox is cool. Plus he has the “best beard in business” http://www.drjasonfox.com/about/

  • http://www.quantumunited.com.au Michael Darby

    Three and a half years ago I attended a marketing workshop that Pete was presenting at. I’d heard about the workshop through a podcast I found about on Twitter.
    The energy, the knowledge, the passion and dedication to all aspects of marketing was insane. You couldn’t help but be inspired.
    From that day onward I worked with him one on one as a mentor, leader, ….guru. He has helped me achieve great results in my business, provided me endless ninga tools and tips, shared countless innovative ways to market my services, pitch my business and eventually got through to me the importance of continuing to provide value to my clients.

    His podcasts and book reviews such as Built to Sell and Pitch Anything were game changers! (He also got me listening to books rather than reading them)

    Happy birthday Pete, I know you’ll be enjoying your time with Eli and over the next few years it only gets better!

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Michael – you my friend are a superstar!

  • James Jordan

    Hi Pete, Happy birthday to a fellow Pisces….I really appreciated your quick references emails you sent out , the resources and tools helped me save alot of time and BS….I also got alot of tips form your PR books ….Your young and have accomplished so much! Congrats on continuing your evolution of personal growth fulfillment and abundance in the new year!

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Thanks James!

      We’re working on a (large) Gear Guide; which outlines all the tools and resources we use in our business – so keep an eye out for that, as it might be handy for you as well!

  • Christopher Maselli

    Hi Pete, Happy Birthday!

    The message that you’ve shared that’s resounded the most in me is the message of how to broadcast yourself across the Internet through so many avenues by making those avenues work together–such as create a video, it becomes a podcast, which becomes a blog, which becomes an audiobook, etc. And I love your message about going to where the people are rather than making them come to you. It’s changed my thinking! Have a great one!

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Rock on Christopher.

      Business is as simple as that:

      Find a group of people with pain, figure out where they proactively go to find a solution, and do what you need to, to be there!

      So many people say ‘identify a group of people with a pain, and create a product for them’, but it leaves the door open to ‘how do I find them’

      … which is why I always say – “you have to know where they go proactively when they are looking for solutions” As it makes the marketing super easy!

  • http://www.8successdrivers.com/ Gareth Everson

    Hi Pete – Happy Birthday, you old git.

    You and the Preneur business have catapulted my business forwards in the realms of outsourcing and content repurposing. I’m really thankful for our time together in Melbourne and for being part of the Preneur community. Thanks Pete!

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Gareth – You’re a superstar!

      p.s. If anyone need Infusionsoft help – Gareth is your guy!

  • Andy Baarda

    Hi Pete,

    Having listened to every single podcast there are endless amounts of points I could raise, the most recent lasting point I would have to say is that I have just finished listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new book after your recommendation, I have a full time job, 6 month old and a start up but in comparison to him I feel I should squeeze a few more hours in somewhere. Highly inspirational!
    Also, thanks for what you do!!

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      That’s intense Andy – lots of plates in the air. I feel your pain.

      But yeah, Arnold was a machine!

  • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

    Clearly, the best time of year to be born Sasha!

  • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

    Cheers Richard.

    35 employees – More like babysitting then entrepreneurship right ?

    • Richard Welch

      I was going to say sometimes it does feel like a crèche! I would love you to cover that topic at some point as its definitely the most challenging part for us!

      • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

        I’ll put it on the agenda Richard… but I don’t feel I personally do the “staff mgmt” very well. One of my partners handles that side of things mostly; and don’t like offering advice on things I am not 100% confident with.

        Maybe we can get a guest on one day to share their wisdom.

  • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

    Appreciate that Shannon!

  • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

    Brilliant to hear Mercer!

  • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

    Nice Phil!

    A small tip, but a pretty cool one! Love it!

  • http://www.roamingcooking.com Jacqui Treagus

    Happy Birthday Pete!

    You have a real talent for thinking creatively in a highly targeted manner to achieve results. Your integrity, passion, honesty and skill is what got me hooked. Your sharing of ‘swipe and deploy’ examples have helped me immensely in saving time and making decisions on whether to employ them particularly since I didn’t have a lot of online experience behind me. I love listening to you come up with ideas on the spot on the Q & A calls. Amazing how your brain works! It was awesome to meet you in person too, felt very honoured! Thankyou so much for all that you do.

  • Ingram Sanders

    Hey Pete, belated Happy Birthday!

    I’ve really appreciated the incredible content you produce and since I first came across you during The 30 Day Challenge I have been listening and implementing many of the things you teach. The way you presented AdWords was so clear, I was immediately able to implement new and successful AdWord campaigns, for myself and for our clients. I love the insanesly practical and valuable podcast you do with Dom and listen to this while traveling.
    The way you break down complex ideas and put together very straightforward but powerful systems and share it in multiple formats is what I aspire to do for my clients and community…

    Thanks very much indeed!



    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      Ingram – That takes me back a few years! Glad you enjoyed those training videos mate!

  • http://www.theartofaudacity.com Lachlan Cotter

    Guess I’m late to the party, here. Happy Birthday, Pete. Thanks for all your insight and support recently. I’m getting a ton of value from your OPM course. A month in, and I’m still learning. So much good stuff in there. Just hired my first full-time, “insourced” assistant using systems from that course and we’re off to a great start. Lots more work ahead, but it’s so much faster and easier with the right roadmap. Thanks a bunch for that.

    Here’s to another arse-kicking year!

    • http://www.PreneurMarketing.com/ Pete Williams

      That’s so so good to hear Lachlan!

      Glad to see you’re getting the admin stuff out of the way!

  • Bob Barrington

    Hey Pete. Belated Happy Birthday. Hope it was a good one.
    Just wanted to say thank you for all the great material, thoughts, ideas, common-sense, lack of BS, interviews, simplicity & more. I signed up for Profit Hacks a couple of years ago & thought it was a breath of fresh air, the missing link about how to BE, rather than what to DO. I use those concepts (mindmaps, core vs mechanics, outsourcing, leverage etc) daily – or aspire to at least. I believe we all need mentors & coaches to push our thinking, question our beliefs & assumptions, introduce new ideas & concepts, & you & Dom do that for me. You help to keep me from become blinkered but widen my thinking. I’ve just signed up for my first audible trial & downloaded Jon Acuff’s book Start. Very much enjoying it & I’ll be incorporating lots of what he says into my trainings. But I’d not have heard of him if not for you.
    I try to remember each day “Am I hauling buckets or building pipelines”? You help me build pipelines. Just wish they flowed some more (they will!).

  • JasonHunston

    Procrastination has been a huge problem for me and through your audio discussions with various people and inspirational points I have been able to kick it and start building the business that I have always dreamed of.

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