PreneurCast108: Q&A Continued

This week, Pete and Dom finish off the Q&A Questions from Episode 100, their live Q&A session.

Questions covered in this episode include:
– Should I focus on promoting myself as a leader in the field, or promoting my business?
– How do we find the time to do everything and spend time with our families?
– Whens the most productive time to write copy?
– How do you get interviews with leaders in your market place?
– Whats the best way to grow an audience online quickly for a new product launch?
– What do you do when you realize you’re in a rut and can’t seem to get work done?

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Total Recall – Arnold Schwartzenegger
Bird by Bird – Annie Lamott
Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell
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  • Debra Hilton

    This was hysterical! I’m only up to your answer to Kelly’s question about productivity, but I’ve already taken away several things. 1. The hard work that is beneath the surface of any success; 2. Thought provoking comments on Personal vs. Company brand; 3. Your strategy for observing the day and classifying tasks as Core – Mechanic – Waste then not beating up on yourself but just trying to do better tomorrow (getting back up after a failure). 4. The ‘lady who lunches’ is also nurturing your kids and keeping you sane – Good on you! Your marriage and family would be a disaster if she packed a full schedule outside the home. I love it! Make sure she stays encouraged.

    • Pete Williams

      Thanks Debra!

      The core vs mechanics stuff is a huge one! We’ve uploaded the tracker mentioned in the show here [] but are planning on a full detailed blog post in a week or two.

      … and yeah. I would be nothing without Fleur.

  • Kelly

    Firstly – Sorry for my slack response on leaving a comment here (I listen
    over on YouTube and it was only uploaded today)

    Secondly – Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer my question (I was
    totally blown away) and thank you for the helpful tips! I liked the part when
    Dom said ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’!

    This is a huge relief for me as I take being a full time mum, wife &
    full time business owner very seriously! Me and the Mr do EVERYTHING ourselves,
    we cook, clean, look after 2 kids, and run 2 full time business luckily we both
    work in industries where we can shift the 9-5 me with weddings and brides are
    often weekend and evenings and my husband is a music producer, and we all know
    what they’re like! So I am now looking into having a cleaner & ironer as I
    am a little ocd and it does take up a lot of time, and now I have been given
    permission (thanks Dom) I am, I don’t have to be super women any more!

    Thirdly – Loved the comment of ‘being self employed is hard and it’s ok if
    you’re finding it hard’ THANK GOODNESS! I thought I was doing something wrong!
    That is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and now I can just get on with
    the work and not worry about ‘does everyone else find this as much as a battle
    as I do’ Phew thanks guys!

    I know I’ve quoted Dom here twice, but don’t worry Pete you said lots of good
    stuff too!

    Can you link to the productivity podcast please because I think I missed that

    Thanks again guys!


    • Pete Williams

      Hye Kelly…

      You’re more than welcome – it’s why we are here and do the show!

      Let me dig up the productivity episode and post it shortly!


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