The 2013 Preneur Marketing Awards [PreneurCast Ep124]


To start the year off, and given it’s award season right now, we decided our first episode for 2014 should be our annual Preneur Marketing Awards — celebrating the best of the best from the past 12 months.

Normally, we finish off the year with our annual marketing and entrepreneurial review show. But given the small hiatus the boys had, they have donned their best party frocks for the first episode for the year, to look back and give out ‘the Marketing Oscars‘ to the things that made the most difference in their lives, businesses and projects throughout the year.

Follow along and see if you agree that the tools, books, software and more that impacted the boys also impacted your bottom line. And if there’s something you think they missed, make sure you leave a comment below as they have some great stuff to give away to the best commenters.

Share Your ‘Best of 2013′ & Win Stuff!

In honour of the 2013 Awards, we are giving away 3 copies of SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham (one of Dom’s Awards Choices).

To enter this competition, just leave a comment below. Tell us your vote for any of the categories we listed this year, and tell us about something we missed!

Prefer To Watch The Video Version:

The 2013 Award Winners were:

Adonit Jot Touch –
MacBook Air –

SelfControl App –
Evernote –
Honourable Mention:

7 Minute Workout App –

Total Recall
Audible –
Amazon –
SPIN Selling
Audible –
Amazon –
Honourable Mentions:
The One Thing – Gary Keller
Audible –
Amazon –
Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters – Jon Acuff
Audible –
Amazon –

LeadPages –
Auphonic –
Honourable Mentions:
Asana – Project Management –
Satori – Coaching Sessions Booking Service –
Xero – Business Accounting –

Ryan Holiday
Adam (Dom’s Nephew and Team Member)
Honourable Mentions:
Eli (Pete’s Son)
James Altucher

Training Courses:
iVideoHero Product –
Personal MBA –
Honourable Mentions:
Plant Based Nutrition Course – Cornell –
Mind Body Green Course –

Other Links Mentioned In The Show:
No Meat Athlete
Amazon –
Fooling Houdini – Alex Stone
Audible –
Amazon –
No Meat Athlete site –
iVideoHero Post –
Previous PreneurCast Episodes:
Episode 121 – No Meat Athlete –
Episode 113 – Josh Kaufman –

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  • James Mason

    Great wrap up guys, as an avid listener i thought Dom’s favorite book would have been “The Lean Start Up” :-) My favorite book out of your list was – Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters – Jon Acuff. I listened to the audio book and though he had great energy and enthusiasm which made it very easy to consume over a few days on the tools. Quick question, do you guys find the affiliate links to products you refer profitable and is it a good practice to get into? Im interested in looking into it for my site sometime in the future and would be happy to hear your thoughts. Thanks Guys and keep the new content coming. Regards, James Mason.

    • Pete Williams

      Thanks James…

      You’d think Dom wanted Eric Reis to adopt him, the way he talks about that book!

      I had a conversation with Jon last week for the podcast, so that will be out in a few weeks – so keep listening.

      In regard to your question; the affiliate links in the podcast show notes, do little more than keep the lights on… It’s a fine line to tread, as you don’t want to come across as recommending things just to get a commission. So hopefully our integrity shines through here.

      So in terms of advice; if you are going to recommend something, why not get a couple of nickels sent back your way to help cover costs; just make sure it’s done with integrity.



      • James Mason

        Ha ha, you’d think so!
        Cant wait for the interview, everyone in the internet marketing space talks about the book (although i found it a little dry, but very relative to the industry) . In regards to the affiliates its kind of what i thought, but a few extra dollars hear and there can all help, you guys do a great job of making it relevant and extremely helpful and i think all of the community can tell you only recommend products that you guys use yourself.

        All the best.

  • Joanne Rudling

    Hi Pete

    My favourites on your list are:
    Evernote – can’t work without this. I store everything from code, interesting websites to voice over scripts
    MacBook Air

    James Altucher – especially his ebook Choose Yourself

    This year favourites for me

    software – WP Champ membership site by Rapid Crush Inc so easy to use all you need is WP, Paypal and Aweber. Have DAP membership on one of my sites but so hard to install, update etc (the Rolls Royce of membership sites)

    Kindle book: Spark! How exercise can improve your brain by Hagerman and Ratey
    Audible book: Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking by Susan Cain.

    And Pete’s Noise Reduction newsletters

    • Pete Williams

      Thanks Joanne…

      There are a couple of suggestions here I have to throw on my list: WP Champ and Quiet.

      Rock on!


  • Alan Fawcett

    Hi Pete,

    Another great podcast. It started to feel like you were applying Cialdini’s “scarcity” influence factor to keep us wanting more. There is certainly some new stuff you guys have mentioned that I will be checking out as I can see how it would help. The col thing is that you always demo how you can apply so people understand how it will make their life fuller, happier or simpler, rather than it just being the latest fad or gadget. I remember once you telling me that you weren’t really an early adopter and you like to establish how you will utilise the tool or service within your business. This is the type of lessons I take from this episode. It is not a matter of rushing out and getting everything you have recommended or benefitted from, it is seeing what will help me to make progress. As for me the apps that I am tending to use a lot on my devices are the straightforward – audible app (and the kindle app) for all the books I am consuming. One of my favourites of last year wasthe audio of Start by Jon Acuff as you know, I also really enjoyed On Writing by Stephen King – I am not planning on writing a novel anytime soon but still so many lessons. The podcast app also takes a bit of a beating, but I have moved on a lot from many of the standard business podcasts (other than yours) and currently listen to a lot of interview style and comedy ones – you put me onto Osher Gunsbergs, which is a must listen and I also listen to things like The Joe Rogan Experience and Marc Maron WTF. As many people say, Evernote is still a primary app on all of my devices as well. Having said all of that, I like nothing more than a journal or notepads (normally moleskine) and always have one with me. Finally, as a podcast my Rode podcaster mic and boom arm set up and Bose headphones made a difference to me.

    • Pete Williams

      Awesome Alan – I’m the same, no matter how awesome digital tools are, there is nothing like physically writing – which is why I feel in-love with the Jot. As it’s a mix of both worlds.

      I really should have included @OsherGunsberg in the ‘people of the year’ category.. He is a superstar; in fact we’ve been talking about doing a top-secret project together this year; which is taking shape.

      Watch this space…


  • Simon Fahy

    Hello Pete and Dom,
    Great episode. Thanks for tip on Asana earlier in the year. Working well for both my Business and Personal projects. The best of the year for me was your Platinum call about business models back in October. The clarity I got from that episode is still resonating. Great stuff lads! Thanks

    • Pete Williams

      Thanks Simon.

      Yeah, Asana has been a huge win for us as well.

      I’ve also been working on a webinar around the business model platinum call we did in October..

      What were the biggest take-aways from that session?

  • Pete Williams

    Thanks Christopher….

    I’ve found Evernote great, but personally only use it as a digital filing cabinet… and keep it separate to my notebook, calendar and to-do list… I work much better with I have a single digital version of my traditional analog tools.

    I have an iPad mini, but I never use it.. My wife loves it, but I still prefer my full size iPad… Especially when taking notes and sharing the screen on consulting calls (more room to write with the Jot)

  • Debra Hilton

    Great episode (as always). I’m looking forward to Pete’s demo of how he uses the iPad + Jot in his consulting – that sounds very intriguing, and might even make me check out the Jot. Absolutely agree about the Macbook Air – I couldn’t live without mine (…I suppose I could, but it would make life much more difficult). I always love your book recommendations and ‘Total Recall’ has been very inspiring as well as full of practical take-aways (works well alongside ‘The Lean Startup’).. For me, ‘Die Empty’ would have rated an Honourable Mention as well.

    Dom, I’ve been meaning to ask you what you will replace the ElGato Turbo now that it seems to be unavailable?

    • Pete Williams

      The video is coming Debra!

      I hadn’t heard of ‘Die Empty’, but will definitely check it out. What was your biggest takeaway ?

      • Debra Hilton

        My biggest take away from ‘Die Empty’ (by Todd Henry) was never to be afraid that if I share my best stuff I’ll run out of things to say. It wasn’t exactly new – in some ways it’s a variation on the idea that if you pour out your best ideas you won’t run out of things to say / do, but rather will have new ones flooding in and filling you up. However, he puts a compelling case for the idea of working with a sense of urgency – we may not have tomorrow, and you don’t want to die with regrets.
        It reminded me how important it is to pour love into my family today and ‘keep their cisterns filled’ – because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring; how crucial it is to focus on ‘legacy’ work and not just run around after urgent things.
        All that sounds as though it was stirring up fears, but it wasn’t fear mongering, it was more a question of treasuring ‘this moment’ and making the most of it. The best analogy I can find is probably Eli – every day brings new discoveries and precious changes and you want to make the most of each one because they won’t ever be repeated and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to build into his life, and just wonder at his growth.

  • Adam Teece

    Great episode as always. There was one book that really stood out to me this past year and that is Choose Yourself by James Altucher. It helped me a lot with some minor bouts of depression I went through. Also some great business/career advice too.

    The software I have to vote for is Pocketcasts on Android. Best podcasting app on Android hands down. Keeps me going while I work at my manual labor job.

    • Pete Williams

      Nice Adam.

      James stuff is awesome.. do you read his blog as well?

      • Adam Teece

        Yes I do. He writes some great stuff. Also enjoy his posts in Chris Brogan ‘ s Owners Mag.

  • james v dicola

    A Happy belated New Year to you both. It’s been awhile. I’m catching up on a few of your episodes just now. Always very actionable.

    I too can’t live without my Macbook Air, but love it even more, when i hook it up to my 27″ thunderbolt display when i’m in my home office. A
    great hybrid system.

    Also, liked Doms choice on the Personal MBA. I’ve read Josh’s book but will have to check out the course.

    A tool you recommended a few yrs back that i
    utilize is the (i think i signed up thru your link ;)

    Also, another reading/training course i found very very useful (changed
    my whole outlook/process toward reading) is the PhotoReading course by
    Paul Scheele at Learning strategies corporation. I try to go thru at
    the start of each year. Check out Steve Pavlina review of it.

    And since I’m a reading geek, my favorite/useful book last year wasn’t a business book, but was an offbeat book called (don’t laugh) “How to Read
    a book” by Mortimor J Adler & Charles Van Doren. It allows me to read business books much quicker & smarter.

    Again, nice to catch up with you both.

    • Pete Williams

      Sweet James.

      Connecting a laptop to a monitor is a huge win.

  • Dave (Shred)

    An easy and gradual start to 2014 with lots of cool info and enthusiasm. Great job guys!

    Evernote would have to be my most used new piece of software – however I use it to track my clients’ training programs instead. It works so well and means I can add anything I want to it (pics/video feedback/new articles etc) while sharing it with them!
    The audiobook I’ve really taken to is Start by John Acuff. His passion and engagement with the book really got me consumed in it all and it wasn’t a confusing and wishy-washy message he was trying to portray – just start! Thumbs up from me,

    I hope you guys (and to the rest of the preneur community) achieve all that you guys wanna achieve this year and keep smiling – I can tell you guys do just listening to ya – so refreshing!



    • Pete Williams

      Awesome Dave!

      Thanks for the feedback and listening to the show!

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  • Miles Masci

    Loving the podcast to get my mind ready for the day. Wonder if you might do a podcast on waking up in the morning, going to bed in the evening and health and nutrition for business people. I know you’ve touched on this point previously. If it already exists direct me to the podcast. Thanks guys.

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