The Game of Motivation with Dr Jason Fox [PreneurCast Ep129]

In this show, Pete talks to Dr Jason Fox, author of The Game Changer. They discuss motivation, and how you can use the principles behind games to motivate yourself and others. They also talk about goal setting and measuring progress.

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  • Appu

    Great interview. Lot of takeaways. Biggest takeaways were the concepts of sequencing a priority list over time rather than a static to do list (which makes you anxious), the importance of rituals and structures especially ‘checking-in’ to make sure the game is on track.

    • Pete Williams

      Thanks Appu.

      Really appreciate the feedback.

      I 100% agree with your pick of ‘checking in’ as one of the biggest take-aways…

      Accountability + Momentium = Success

  • Paul Smart

    “Inspiration -> Aspiration -> Motivation”. I like that. Also, “Progress is the number one motivator”. Who doesn’t like writing a list with the very first item “write list”. Done. Tick. Progressing. 🙂

    • Pete Williams

      1. Reply to blog comments.



      • Paul Smart

        Did I win something? Just catching up on podcasts, the grapes have had my undivided attention for vintage, and thought I heard my name?

        • florence

          Hi Paul,

          Yes, you won a copy of Jason’s book! Sending you an e-mail now.


  • Adam Teece

    I really liked this and I have to say his beard is pretty epic. In fact I am attaching his picture from his site here because people need to see it.

    I loved the concepts of making your life have more gaming aspects. I was thinking an app that might be fun to make for a “guru” would be someone who holds seminars or something and then included in the “package” that they buy, it includes a “quest log” similar to World of Warcraft. So say a real estate investor guru would make one where there are daily quests and other quests as well. The first few would be like work on your script/how you qualify leads. And then a daily would be to call 10 leads or something.

    As a gamer, I have always wanted to create a game of life book that is structured similar to Dungeons and Dragons where the different classes would be Small Business Owner, Internet Marketer, Real Estate Investor, Stock Trader, etc… and each “class” would have quest objectives to get XP. Then the seminars would be almost mastermind events where “parties” are created like in D&D with people of different “classes” and they support each other as they grow their businesses. And there would be some way to level up and the higher level seminars would be of course some other kind of training, but you had to have proof that you did level up, etc…

    • Adam Teece

      And Epic Beard!

    • Wes Grasty

      Awesome idea for a book! Go for it – I will be the first to buy. Oddly, D&D came to mind when I listened to this podcast, so interesting that you mentioned it.

  • Pete Williams

    For the record.. my favourite quote from this conversation was: “I’ve read a lot about sports” – Dr Jason Fox.

  • James Mason

    Great podcast Pete, i like the takeaways around goal setting. The “procrastabaking” comment gave me a laugh as well, thank good i cant bake 🙂

  • Brian McGovern

    Great interview … had no interest in gaming but the podcast open my eyes. He must drink free on St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Daniel

    Going to add this to my listen to list. I really have liked Jason Fox’s previous content and I’m sure this won’t be anywhere near sub par. I am not really into gaming but we’ll see! What would you give this out of 10?

  • Aaron

    I use priority lists for everything from my school work to my next goal on my site. They really do help you in the end by keeping you and your mind organized. Do you use priority lists for your work Pete?

  • Tammy

    This was my first time listening to this podcast and it was well worth the listen. I will definitely be back for more. How often to the podcast go up?

  • niceguyted

    Well I know I’m coming in way late to win a copy of the book – I will likely buy it for my kindle anyway. The biggest light bulb for me was the overlap between Dr. Fox’s discussion of gamification in the workplace and the idea put forth in GTD that one’s organizational system should be *fun*. David Allen actually mentions several times in the book that if our organizational system isn’t enjoyable in and of itself, we won’t use it. My takeaway is to spend more time trying to figure out how and why entrepreneurial things that start out as “fun” for me end up crossing the line into “work” (at which point I end up letting them fall by the wayside).

    • Pete Williams

      Great point Ted.

      I love GTD, and I think *fun* is a very important element.

  • Pete Williams

    Awesome Rachel !

    Glad you picked up on that little game element too.

  • Dave (Shred)

    I didn’t know what gamification was up until now.. And I must admit, I don’t mind the idea and the science behind tracking progress instead of defined ‘end’ goals.

    Also, as much as I hate it, the secret is really to ‘do the work’ but I think to try to learn to have fun doing it too is equally important in maintaining progress and drive to achieve goals in one’s career.

    Sorry for the little rant but i know you love ’em Pete.

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